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It Takes 2 To Say I Do

Updated on March 7, 2019
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Sierra is currently engaged and getting married in June 2019.

$150 worth of goodies.
$150 worth of goodies.

Wedding Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are a newer and rather exciting concept. Why leave weddings out of it?

That's what Katelyn thought when she founded and started It takes 2 to say I do.

I was lucky enough to be one of the last people to get her subscription boxes though as she has changed businesses to be a wedding coordinator instead. However I believe my experience with Katelyn should be shared. As it is a unique one.

They did offer 12 different and very unique gift boxes, ranging from workout and fitness boxes to bachorette party boxes. They even had boxes for the wedding day and after.

In January, I chose 3 boxes, The Bachelorette Party Box, the Gifts for the Family Box, and The Big Day is Here box.

My favorite feature of ordering these boxes was the customization of things. There was a space provided for any information you felt was important to include when you ordered the boxes. I wrote out that I had two maid of honors, two moms, and that my fiance also had two moms. I wouldn't have expected what would come next.

Two Weeks Later

Two weeks later I hadn't heard anything but I had already been charged for them. So I messaged the company asking about it. I received a very polite message explaining that they were transitioning to the new company and that my order had slipped by. She did say though that she would honor it. She also was very explanatory that some of the items were on back order and that it would be a couple more weeks before they could all be sent out.

I received my first box on February 8th. I do understand that inclement weather also played a part in the delay.

Gifts for the Family.

The first box I received was the Gifts for the Family Box.

I was pleasantly surprised to open the box and see that I had two of all of the mom things.

I was given

2 Mother of the Bride Makeup Bags

2 Mother of the Groom Makeup Bags

1 Father of the Bride Koosie

1 Father of the Groom Koosie

1 The Bride Koosie

1 Pack of 2 Hair ties for the maid of honor

1 Maid of Honor Shirt

I would like to point out now, that one of the mother of the bride makeup bags are missing as I had already given it to my mother while she was in town.

I will start with evaluating the items in this box.

I thought the makeup bags looked wonderful. They are made of a nice material are very smooth and look beautiful. They were made perfectly in my opinion. I love that she threw in enough for every one to get one so none of the step moms were left out.

I think the hair ties were a great addition however there was only one set of them and I did put in that I have two maid of honors. One lives a little further away and one lives here and so they decided they would share the responsibility. That being said, I have to decide which one to give it to or split it up...

The Koozies were a nice touch however there is one single drawback I saw with these and that was that there wasn't one for the groom. I feel like it wouldn't have been too much extra to include Groom ones in the set.

Overall I would give this a 4.5 stars out of 5. (Only docked because there was no Koozie for the Groom) This one was worth the $40 price.

Gifts For the Family Box

Ta Da!
Ta Da!

Boxes 2 and 3 On the Way?

I received an email from Katelyn letting me know that my next two packages would be shipped on February 18th and she sent me the tracking information. Once again we were nailed across the US with snow so when the shipping information didn't update for a few days I assumed this was why.

However by the 24th still nothing had changed and clicking the tracking information said that the USPS was still awaiting the items. So I emailed Katelyn back as I was concerned.

Two days later she responded and promised to get in touch with them and figure out what was going on. Two more days later and I hadn't heard anything from her. I was starting to feel a little shrugged off. Here it was the 28th and I had only received one of the three boxes and had spent $140 on them. Was I about to get ripped off???

A couple hours later after stewing on this and stressing about it I messaged Katelyn again and told her how I felt about everything and that I was feeling blown off about everything. Wedding planning is supposed to be fun and exciting not depressing and bitter.

I was amazed by how patient she was, far more than I am I think. She apologized for everything, told me that she hadn't been able to get in touch with USPS regarding the packages and that she felt terrible about it. She informed that because of the delay and the problems she would add in a little extra gift when she resent the boxes and that if I didn't get the boxes she would issue a full refund.

She then surprised me on March 1st and asked me if I had, had my bachelorette party yet and I hadn't. She told me she was going to include some personalized items for me for the bachelorette party.

I received the new boxes on March 7th. (but they weren't in boxes this time. They were in shipping envelopes because of what was inside)

Bachelorette Party Box

(I'm fairly certain the bride shirt I have pictured in the 3rd box was supposed to be with this box)

In this box I received

2- Maid of Honor Sashes

1- Bride to Be Tote

1- Bride canvas Tote Bag

1- Bride Makeup Bag

1- Lip Gloss

1- Gold Nail Polish

1- Personalized Bride Koozie

2- Personalized Maid of Honor Koozies

1- Personalized Bridesmaid Koozie

I LOVED the Maid of Honor sashes. The material was smooth, soft and felt nice. They were of a high quality and looked amazing. The Bride to be one, was sadly not as high quality. The material was much thinner, and slightly rough against the skin. However with the other sashes being so nice, it's easy to dismiss the quality of the bride one.

The Koozies were a wonderful touch as we can use these during our bachelorette party and the wedding. I like that they have everyone's names on them.

The Bride Makeup bag was also of super high quality. The material was nice and thick, it looks pretty and quite frankly I kind of love it! The lip gloss was pretty enough and so was the gold polish. I was impressed that she most likely picked the color based on our wedding colors which was a nice touch.

The tote bag was a little thinner but still seemed to be of high quality. It will be fun to tote it around for different wedding events.

I'd give this box a 4/5 stars. The material of the items were mostly high quality and the personalized Koozies, high quality maid of honor sashes and the bride makeup bag are what made this box worth the price.

Bachelorette Party Box

Personalized Goodies!!!
Personalized Goodies!!!

The Big Day is Here!

I want to take a moment to point out that these two boxes came in two envelope packages and once I had it all opened I wasn't sure what was supposed to be with which box. So in retrospect the bride shirt was probably supposed to be in the Bachelorette box...

1- Mr & Mrs cake decoration

1- Gold Mr & Mrs Balloon Decoration

1- Bride Cup

1- 12 pack of "pop fizz clink" Coasters.

1- "Mr" Groom Socks

3- Personalized Hangers with names.

1- Bride Hanger

I'll be honest this box was only worth it for the personalized hangers and the glass. The balloon was a nice touch but the cake decoration is silver and looks cheap. The coasters are a neat idea but I wouldn't know when to even use them.

The groom socks are the only groom thing received in any of the boxes, granted one of them was strictly a bachelorette party box. It would have been better to have a bride and Groom Glass, because otherwise we don't have a matching glasses. I feel the same about the Koozies.

Had the hangers not been personalized I would have questioned the value of this box. For this box I will rate it a 3/5 stars. Had the personalized hangers not been in there and they had been just plain hangers I would have been pretty disappointed to have paid $40 for it.

50/50 on how I feel about this box.
50/50 on how I feel about this box.

Overall Opinion

I think overall I would give It Takes 2 to Say I Do a 4 out of 5 star rating. The packages were kind of messed up. A few of the items were kind of disappointing BUT Katelyn worked very hard to make up for some of the problems and wanted to make sure that her customers were taken care of. Something that I value when I have problems with orders. Great customer service is something that is getting harder and harder to find in today's world and I wish Katelyn the best of luck with her new Wedding planning business.

I want to know what you think?

Were these boxes worth the value of their items?

See results

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