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It has to be you

Updated on April 29, 2015

I heard a knock upon the door and knew that it was you

No one else has the tap exactly that you do

I hear a walk across the floor and need not turn around

I am not startled from the noise of a familiar sound

I feel a beating in my heart that's stronger than before

I need not panic of attack as I long for more

I hear a whisper in the night and still I am not afraid

The voice is yours, I feel safe while in my bed I laid

I feel arms holding me so tight that I might not be set free

as I hold you with same strength that you hold on to me

I could pick out your heartbeat from a hundred others or more

I know your cough,your laugh, your sneeze and unfortunately your snore

If I was asked your favorite food, I'd bet I'd get it right

I know what gets you through the day and turns you on at night

But what makes me happiest of all the things above

Is that you feel the same as me and that is truly love.


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