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Preserving History Doesn't Require Us Glorifying The Villain - John Legend

Updated on June 3, 2020
Achinthya and Vikranth profile image

Two best friends who had gone wild and exploring new level of humanity

The topic here is an age-old conundrum. Is it, though, all that confusing? In the first place, why did men believe that classifying social status based on color was even a good idea?
It is not as simple as “Oh he is white and you're black. But that’s being racist.” It’s a much bigger world than that. There is a reason the world contains so many different colors. But most choose to see black or white. Don’t you ever stop to think that all your choices, actions, and perceptions are blindsided by forcing your mind to choose from 2 choices? : Right or Wrong.
In case you feel while seeing this topic pop up anywhere, that voice in your head saying, “not this again”, you should stop right there. The world is never going to stop at looking at only your faults, or what THEY PERCEIVE as faults. Recent events caused serious tremors within social circles. Because racism never ends. It persists. Why? Because the answer is so simple. There are still too many bigoted, misogynistic temperamental who think they are better, much more superior than other beings. On what ground do they say so? The Freaking way u look.
Its getting real droll hearing society says “The way you look does not matter!”Well haha, I had a good laugh there. One must understand that the underlying skin tones should not be a deciding factor in any part of the world. In light of recent events, we can see that some groups think they still have power over others. Well bad for you, because you don’t. So why don’t you be a humanitarian and stay in your house during lockdown instead of misusing social media for the unnecessary division of humanity??
Now, further on, The much bigger, broader spectrum. LGBTQIA. Honestly, what is the issue? Studies found that people who find it “disturbing” are not in favor of the act, not the love itself. So what? I think its high time EVERYBODY realizes that your opinion doesn't matter. People love who they want to, are attracted to whomsoever, and its an individual’s perception of what they want to be. It is NOT another choice. Literally.

No matter what people say about your skin color, you should have the power to throw back those words and move. Because it is 2020 and your skin is not your identity but your actions and your words. The belief of higher status due to skin color is vain. Be proud of your color that your ancestors have passed on to you after processing through the history of war and peace.

the infamous tweet by the singer John Legend has shown his movement towards Racial discrimination.

The Golden Globe winner, Oprah Winfrey has never stopped exploring issues of racism, whether in films or through other platforms. On Jan 7, 2018, she gave an arousing speech that connected racism from before the civil rights era to Modern day America.

After the death of George Floyd, We are going to take a pledge -"We are all the same! All human beings should be treated equally and we should be living in a growing and supporting the community."


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