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It’s not what you say; it’s how you show it

Updated on August 30, 2010

It's how you show it!

You can have my heart!
You can have my heart!


You know I love you…

I always tell you how nice you look…

I’ve brought you flowers and cards before….

What are you talking about, I asked you to marry me right?...

I am sensitive to your needs and wants…


Have you heard any of these before?

How much more does it mean to you when your partner

male or female grabs you by the hand, just because, and never

utters a word.  Walking by Rittenhouse Square, I saw an older

gentleman look over at his wife, touched her hand and also smiled.

She looked back at him and smiled too.  Now, that’s how you show it!


Remember, when you saw that smile from across the room…

You felt…

I’ve been around the world and back, looking and there in front

of me all the time, was the color of your smile.

How could I walk by? Why didn’t I realize with my own eyes,

all the time the beauty within was staring me in the face.

And made my heart feel safe, all captured in the color of your smile.

I feel in my heart this is the one.  The one I want to spend the rest

of my life with.  Spend the rest of my days and nights with.  You

are mine and I am yours…

And all it took,

Was the color of your smile.

That’s how you show it!


You know she wears costume jewelry.  As you walk down Sansom Street,

you saw those bangles, they were only $5.99… but, that’s how you show it.

She passed a store on Market Street and saw a tie sale.  It’s not a pretty

tie, but, that’s how you show it.  We can talk all day long, but, how do you

show you mean it.  How do you show…. You thought of your special someone.

You know it doesn’t take a lot.  Stop into a card shop on Market Street and for

.99¢ you can find a card that says, “Thinking of you.”  Small things like that

is, how you show it.  Maybe you’re not a card person.  Call your other half and

say “I don’t want you to cook, I’m bringing in food and drink, put your feet up.

That’s how you show it. 


Be creative, keep it simple and you’ll see it’s not what

you say, but, it’s how you show it.


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