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"I've Lost better Men Then You Without Even Trying"..

Updated on April 26, 2011

Throw him away!

There are some men who think so much of themselves that you cannot help but fall short of their expectations. You don't get a chance to compliment them as they are forever tooting their own horn.

I think that usually they are trying to over compensate for their own feelings of inadequacy in certain areas. No one is perfect, who expects them to be. Not I. sometimes you love someone or are at least attracted to a person because of these things at the very least you are into them in spite of whatever life may find wrong with them. My husband was ambli-optic, (cock eyed) I never noticed it. It was the look of him, and I loved it. I am not a shallow person. I do not give my affection lightly, but it is sincere and once my friendship or love is earned it is yours to keep. I have had friends for 40 plus years.

I would keep a man that long if he were deserving.. This is, the deal breaker for me, as I do not give shabby treatment I will not accept it.. I have to live with me, I have to like where I am and the things I do in order that I may sleep at night. And If I am to sleep with you ..well I gotta like where we are in a relationship.

If I am not treated with respect, I'm not hanging around why would I? I only hand out one get out of jail free card after that it lowers my self respect to know that I am in a relationship where I can only expect substandard treatment. Would you like for me to treat you as if you are of no consequence? Of course, not..

I think a lot of myself It is how you treat yourself that others get their cue as to how you should be treated.

Nothing less than The most you can give all or nothing babyboy. If you cannot treat me like a lady, I am not for you..

So don't call me every time I am on my way to your place with a grocery list that I will not ever receive reimbursement for. Don't expect always to take my car, so I must furnish the gas. Don't ask me out if you cannot afford to date me.

When I invite you to my house, I provide everything. I am not up for being taken for granted.If invitations of this nature cease and desist it might need a little looking into on your part..

I will not suffer misuse or abuse. I cannot tolerate the "napoleon syndrome".

The little things mean so much more than anything in a relationship. If you cannot help me, I can't allow you to hurt me.

A gentleman told me, "You can't do better than me I'm so good looking,and I have this and that." I of course told him I have lost better men than you without even trying,and it is my intent to throw you away..


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    • jorja kick profile image

      jorja kick 6 years ago from southeast georgia


      Gee as you are M.I.A. I hope all is well with you..


    • jorja kick profile image

      jorja kick 6 years ago from southeast georgia

      I think I should have named it the jerk! LOl

      he certainly was one.after my husband they all seem like jerks!!

      I really appreciate and look forward to your comments..

    • JayeWisdom profile image

      Jaye Denman 6 years ago from Deep South, USA

      Any man who acts like a jerk deserves to be shown the highway. Glad you kicked that one to the curb.


    • jorja kick profile image

      jorja kick 6 years ago from southeast georgia

      You are so wonderful!!! thanks for reading and the comment...


    • Ashantina profile image

      Ashantina 6 years ago

      What an prat!! Glad you told him... I love your attitude jorja. Thanks for reminding us to hold on to our self love and respect... its all we got! And that special man is making his way into your life.... jus hol on a lil bit longer gurl :)