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Jade Talks Love

Updated on March 4, 2019
Jade Anibor profile image

I am a fulfilled single thirty year old writer. A relationship expert and an Author that has successfully published five romantic Ebooks.

Toxic Relationships.

Toxic relationships are what hold most persons back from finding true love. It's either you have been deceived or betrayed and you feel why should I love again? Why should I care? The whole world doesn't care! It's a loveless world!

Be very careful at this point. Because it is at this point, you lose it. You lose being loved and giving out love.

Almost everyone has had a share of a toxic relationship, but that doesn't mean the world doesn't care, or no one ever finds true love.

One way you can relief yourself from the damages of a toxic relationship is to forget the experience, forget the way he/she made you feel, forget the tears you had to shed out of anger and depression, forget the lies and deceit, forget the person.

Another way is to forgive yourself. When you have forgiven yourself for such a waste of time; you will automatically forgive the person who hurt you. And you wouldn't call to mind the pain that individual caused you. At that moment, you are completely free! Free from the bad experience of a toxic relationship and hereby, ready to find and receive everlasting love.

Set yourself free and get off that chair!

Does gender matter?

Love is no respecter of gender, so be kind to both parties.

You cannot give what you do not have. To receive love you have to give it; irrespective of your gender.

Lies and deceit are like chains and ropes that are used on a criminal; no one likes that feeling.

When it comes to finding love, remember your gender. Know all the soft spots of a woman, and accord him respect. But when it comes to keeping love forever: forget your gender. Just remember you are humans and treat each other fairly.

Attracting women.

Attracting a woman can be very simple at the initial stage. But after a minuet of five; the attraction dies. Why? You may have sometimes wonder. Here are a few things you need to include.

(1). Be confident: A woman can smell confidence the same way she smells a good fragrance. If you aren't confident while talking to her, or your approach and charisma doesn't ooze confidence, she is going to feel to insecure talking with you. And that kills attraction.

(2). A friendly smile: You may have a great body, or expensive looks, but if you don't have a friendly smile on; then that is a minus. A friendly smile is a soft spot to a woman's heart. You make her relaxed. She doesn't feel watched, she doesn't feel pranked and most importantly: She see's you as soft too. Someone she can continue a conversation with anytime, any day.

(3) Be Sincere: Do not approach with an ulterior motive. That is not attractive at all! You may get her attracted for some minuets or even days, but in the long run you will lose her forever. Now, for players you might say — who cares. But hold on, lots of studies has proven that a lot of play boys fall in love eventually with their prey. While you were playing, she was winning your heart. And when you done playing; your heart has been won over by hers. And you are left to fight for her love over again , which you may end up being very unsuccessful with.

(4) Good hygiene: This can never be over emphasize. Be neat, be clean, smell good but make sure that smell, neatness and cleanness is real. A girl knows when you have over done it; like when the smell of your fragrance is over powering, and when you have dressed just for the moment. Please note that the most important part of your hygiene when talking to a lady is your breath.

(5) Be the one: Be that guy a girl see's a future in. That is very attractive! To accomplish this, make sure you don't sound or act flirtatious when talking to her. Don't talk too much about yourself, let her find out who you are by your actions. And show a deep personal interest in her; by finding out if she's okay and what she is doing here, and if there is any help she would like you to render.

Love, love ,love.

Do not hate love, for you were founded with that quality; so the more you fight it, the more depressed and empty you are going to be.

Generally speaking the world is cruel, and the greater number of love has cooled off. But ask yourself, which side are you on? Can you make a difference?

Whether we like it or not, accept it or not, love is a marvelous feeling that everyone needs to experience to enjoy the gift of life.

Love can never be underrated despite the lack of it, because God exists.

Doesn't matter
Be completely fair and honest to your partner. Everyone deserves that.
Should be built on trust
Without deep personal interest, and fellow feeling who can't achieve trust. Actions are what makes trust.
Needs to stay attractive
It needs to always see the the future in view.

Keeping a relationship doesn't have to be hard.

How much do we care?

Let's paint love from henceforth.

We must agree to love wholeheartedly, in a world soo cold.

Fear is the danger that hinders us from finding out the truth. Get rid of your fears.

We know you have been hurt. But where are you still sitting? On that chair with ropes and chains?

If we keep on asking who is to blame, we will all give heart touching excuses. Let's start asking who is to fix this.

Together we can get rid of the misconceptions, if we truly care to help love. Love needs us too.

How clear is your vision of love?

Let's Talk Love.

Love can be grafted under five basic human interrelationships and expressions. Forgiveness, loyalty, faithfulness, patience, kindness, and humility.

There aren't two ways about it; if you are not ready to forgive, then you are not ready to love. You must be willing to let go of pain, and hurt or regret your partner has caused you. If that partner is remorseful, you need to rebuild that relationship again. If you decide to leave and move on; you need to forgive yourself for the pain that befell you. Do not blame yourself too much. Just take note of what went wrong and deal with it. Do not drag the pain into your heart and retain it there. Let it go, free yourself of that bondage because you deserve that. You have been through a lot already, it's time to heal and be happy once again. It's time to find love and receive it. It's time to see the new person in your life for who he is, and not what your ex is. Do not mirror her actions to that of your ex. Remember they are two different people and from a different background. If you continue to link whatever action your present love takes, to your ex: in time you will turn them into your ex.

When you love, remember you have promised to be loyal come what may. How deep is your loyalty? How far is it willing to go? If you aren't ready to be loyal then you aren't ready to love. Love is inspired by loyalty. Love breeds on loyalty. When you stop being loyal, you stop loving. It is that automobile fueled by loyalty and driven by love. You often hear lovers say: Stick with me baby, stay by me, stand by me, don't let me go. If you are standing for love, sticking by love, staying by love, and holding onto it tightly — then you are loyal.

Unfaithfulness kills love very fast. In fact it spreads like wild fire and burns love in seconds. Everything you've worked hard to achieve is gone in the wind forever. Of what use was finding love then? Of what use was making promises to be faithful to love when you just couldn't. No one loves to be cheated on; including the cheat. When you are unfaithful in words and in actions, you fail love. When you are proud in words and in actions, you fail love. When you are unkind in love and in actions, who fail love. You cannot claim to love and yet you are so unkind. What kind of love is that? Love can never be unkind! So before you tell someone I love you, make sure you aren't unkind.

A boastful person brags to be better than his or her mate. He feels he is doing love a favor by extending it to the one he claims he loves. He feels to important to express his feelings .He feels he should be told I love you, I need you, I want you, I will stand by you. He feels he is beyond any emotional expressions and knows the game well. He has his feelings and emotions under control, and can handle love anyway he likes, and it will still be there. Now let me shock you — love might still be there, yes, but no longer for love but for selfish reasons, worthless reasons, unhappy reasons. And that means, you will never receive love because you cannot give what you do not have. Learn humility! It is that ride everyone needs to get attain success. To have a successful relationship and enjoy love to it's fullest, you just have to be humble. Bow to love and let it raise you up.

Love is patient. An impatient woman is like a woman in want of heart. She is never in one place, one direction. Always moving like compass. Chasing shadows, looking for what she did not keep or groom, and expecting to receive. Happiness is never at her doorstep, she is always at its doorstep knocking and moving on before the door is opened.

We are patient with the one we love. If you aren't patient with the person you are with; it's obvious it isn't love. You are not yet in love. You are not there for the right reasons or you are not be given the right reasons to be patient.

When it comes to decisions, some people will always question your choices. Criticize your standard. And elevate your faults. But if that decision has to do with love; every expects you to be patient. Why? Have you wondered why. It is because love grows. Anything that grows takes time. And anything that takes time requires patience.

© 2019 Jade George Anibor


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