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Inside the Mind of a Japanese Girl

Updated on October 11, 2014

Japan is a country of history, pop culture, high fashion, candy cute and ultra weird and this filters through to every Japanese girl. It has long been a source of fascination for westerners, many of whom follow the culture, fashions and trends even if they have never actually visited the country. A Japanese girl is now an iconic figure – western women want to be them and western men want to date them.

But what is it exactly about Japanese girls that makes them so interesting? Is it their looks, their culture, their language? Why is a Japanese model such an ideal image? Why do so many western men scour online dating sites and language exchanges in the hope of meeting a pretty Japanese girl?

Of course as in every country, every girl is different and it’s important not to generalize too much, however Japan is a generally homogenous society where most girls will try to fit in with the crowd rather than standing out.

Japanese school girls photo by barbarellathemadcatlady on flickr
Japanese school girls photo by barbarellathemadcatlady on flickr

The cult of the Japanese school girl

Japanese girls become aware of their desirability at a young age, due to the obsession with the iconic Japanese school girl that is widespread throughout Japan and the rest of the world. Japanese school girl uniforms with their short skirts and sailor style collars have become a fashion trend, with many girls of school age choosing to wear their uniforms outside of school hours and even on weekends and national holidays. Some girls even choose their high school based on how cute the uniform is!

Japanese school uniforms have reached a cult status and are popular among cosplayers and even just as a regular wardrobe item for Japanese fashion followers, who will often pay high sums to buy the original article from auction sites and online shopping services.

Japan is a country where anything goes and it is perfectly acceptable for grown men to ogle Japanese school girls, whereas in most other countries it would be seen as something approaching pedophilia. Many Japanese erotic manga and picture books focus on young looking girls wearing school uniforms and these are viewed openly in public.

As Japanese girls naturally have black hair, many of them will try and emulate a western look by dying their hair brown or even blonde, working through all the shades on a hair color chart, although this is often discouraged and schools may enforce a natural (ie black) hair color as part of their uniform policy.

Kawaii culture and cute Japanese girls

Most Japanese girls value the concept of “kawaii” or cute over anything else. Shopping is a national hobby in Japan and from a young age, girls will go out shopping with their friends, trawling the shops for the latest cutest and most fashionable merchandise.

Collectibles are big in Japan and from childhood, most girls will have a cute collection of something, whether it is cuddly toys, phone charms or Japanese erasers.

As they reach their teenage years and early twenties, looking cute is valued more than looking glamorous or sexy. Many Japanese women look younger than their actual age and this is played up with cute clothes (including the aforementioned school uniforms), makeup and hairstyles with many girls also adopting a high pitched childish voice and mannerisms. Being a cute Japanese girl is very important to females in Japan!

Japanese girl dating

If you want to date Japanese girls, you’ll need to consider the differences in culture and customs. It can be hard for foreigners to meet Japanese girls, particularly if your Japanese isn’t great as they are usually shy and although most Japanese can speak at least a little English, they are rarely confident in their abilities.

Most western men living in Japan will meet Japanese women through work events and introductions from friends. Online dating hasn’t really taken off in Japan and you’re unlikely to meet women (at least those who are interested in a long term relationship) in bars or clubs as they’ll most probably be in a group with friends and reluctant to talk to strange foreign men.

The best way to meet Japanese women if you’re living in Japan is by improving your Japanese and making a lot of friends. Most relationships start off as friendships so the more social you are, the more likely you are to meet pretty Japanese girls as friends and potential girlfriends.


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