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Jessica Elizabeth Rawlinson

Updated on December 10, 2010
My sister-in-law, Jessica Elizabeth Rawlinson
My sister-in-law, Jessica Elizabeth Rawlinson

Mini hub of appreciation

My goodness, that's weird to write: Jessica Elizabeth Rawlinson. Until two months ago it was Jessica Elizabeth Marshall, then she married my brother Terry.

Now then, Jessica was flicking through my hubs the other day, and as she read I noticed her looking more and more disgruntled. I was puzzled, but knew that she would reveal the reason behind her look of discomfort soon enough (it looked a little bit like indigestion, but I'm astute so I knew it was something more.)

Jessica was offended and upset that she had seen no mention of herself in any of my hubs. I searched and searched, sure that I'd written the word 'Jessica' at least once, but to no avail. I'd mentioned her in my blog, and even included a photo, but not so the hubs.

Oh dear.

How could I have forgotten to extol the virtues and considerable graces of this the most excellent sister-in-law that anyone could ever wish for? Something had gone seriously awry. I can only assume that the Jessica Hub seemed like such a necessary, important and beautiful one to pen, that I imagined that I'd already written it. Of course, the Jessica Hub would naturally have been the first one I wrote: how could it be otherwise?

But I hadn't. I'd committed a gross and heinous error. I had taken Jessica for granted.

After accepting my heartfelt apologies, Jessica imperiously ordered me to compose the Hub immediately. I took her request very seriously, and here, a fortnight later, I am responding.

Jessica stipulated that I use the words 'beauty', 'wit' and 'funny'. So here we are: Jessica's beauty is wittily funny. She also asked that I give mention to her inner beauty, as well as her outer attractiveness. Well, I have never seen Jessica's innards, but although they've suffered some abuse at the hands of her insatiable thirst for booze, I am sure they're extraordinarily pretty.

Seriously though, it is a relief that my brother chose a wife whom I can get along with so well. It could've been a lot worse, that's all I'm saying! Of the stunners Terry has introduced us to, Jessica is by far the best. Sure, she's a little unstable, but we like that, it adds spice to life. She wouldn't really fit in with us if she wasn't a little nutty.

And finally, the thing I appreciate the most about Jessica is her taste in locations for weddings - Barbados was fantastic Jessica, thanks again.

Is that alright Jessica? Is this the kind of hub you were looking for?


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    • Lady Wordsmith profile image

      Linda Rawlinson 7 years ago from Lancaster, UK

      *Blush* And this from such a unique thinker and writer as you!

      Hubbers are fortunate never to have seen me in a temper though epi :) That's the nice thing about writing isn't it? You can tell as much about yourself as you like, and leave out the bad stuff! Maybe a hub about Italian temperaments next...


    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 7 years ago are a good person too - lucky for those who know and love you in your family life - and those who are fortunate here at the HUB know you are a great writer - and thinker too!

    • Lady Wordsmith profile image

      Linda Rawlinson 7 years ago from Lancaster, UK

      Garn! Guess I take after my mum then, eh? ;)

    • profile image

      Strawb 7 years ago

      You write so beautifully - Jessica Elizabeth is so fortunate to have such an accomplished sister-in-law, one who can write with wit and tenderness.