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Jumping The Gun (Having Sex On The First Date)

Updated on March 8, 2012

You should not have to make someone respect and love you...this should come naturally. What you must consider is.... Did you show yourself love and respect?

In my neighborhood the conscientious guys had a saying for having sex on the first date and it was called "Jumping The Gun" , because it's highly unlikely for someone to jump a loaded gun and not get shot; as it is a woman whom would give up her body so easily. Real men consider when a woman gives up her body on the first date this is something she does with every man she comes in contact with and this makes her a candidate for sexual diseases. Whether he engages in sex with her or not it's not likely she will receive a meaningful relationship with him. It's a known fact men consider this a weak quality in a woman and consider it a display of her desperation for love.

When I was a child three of my uncles which are brothers and including their friends totalled at least ten guys was having sex with the same woman simply because she gained the reputation of putting out on the first date. Needless to say this same woman gave them gonorrhea. Therefore, they ended up sharing more than the woman. This was when their true feelings about her emerged and those feelings where none of respect nor love. None of them considered this woman worthy enough of being called their girlfriend. It was not long ago when one of her daughters began dating one of my uncle's sons and my uncle forbidded him from seeing her simply because of her mother's promiscuous behavior as a young woman.

The moral of this story is....your body is the most precious thing you will ever have therefore it's not wise to give it away so easily. It's not about getting and keeping a man, it's about protecting yourself period. It's about loving yourself more. God Bless


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