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Just Because He Did Not Ask You Out Yet Does Not Mean He is Not Into You

Updated on September 29, 2015

So you like a guy and you are pretty sure he likes you. He even told you that he likes you. The only problem that when it comes to going on a date or being alone, nothing is happening.

Older people feel that when a guy likes a girl he asks her out right away. That is not always true. Sometimes things take time to develop and there are many reasons why guys are not with girls they ask. Some guys are really shy and insecure and they end up waiting a really long time to ask the girl of their dreams out because they are scared of rejection.

Other times it could be because a guy knows that the girl is different from him. Sometimes people from different worlds fall for each other. The guy fears that it will not work out or that she will run away once she gets to know the real him so he ends up hurting her by cutting her loose while it is still early so he does not have to be the one who gets hurt.

People from different worlds fall for each other all the time. It does not mean that they are not attracted to the other person or like the other person but when two people have different lifestyles it is really hard to make a relationship work. It has to be up to the other person to get over their insecurities and be ready to take a risk and try out the relationship. After all you never know just because two people are different and there is a probability that the relationship will fail it might surprise you and it could end up to being a pretty great relationship.

If a guy has low self esteem and he falls for a girl who is beautiful and nice he may feel like she is out of his league. He may talk to her and get to know her but deep down he may feel like he does not fit into the world that she is in. He may feel that he is not the guy for her and that she belongs with someone else even though he is attracted to her and wants to be with her.

Maybe the guy has money problems and he cannot afford a relationship right now. Sure you could go on walks and cheap dates but if he likes you and wants to give you a real relationship he might not be in the spot to. Sometimes things happen and people get put in a hole and it is a bad time for them to be in a relationship. So they have to worry about getting back on their feet first and concentrate on getting a good job.

Maybe he is not ready for a relationship. Maybe he is younger than you and is not sure that he wants to be tied down to one girl. Maybe he wants to keep his options open before he commits and enjoy his youth. Maybe he has commitment issues.

If you are going for a younger guy the age gap might set him off if he is younger than two years. You could both be at two different places or want different things and he knows that and he is scared to progress with things because he is not on the same level as you.

There are many reasons why the guy you like did not go on a date with you yet. If he did not call you and he apologizes with a reason before you even have to ask that means he cares. If he did not care he would have not said anything. If he gets happy when he sees you and tells all of his friends and co workers how much he likes you that is another good sign. If he opens up to you about how his day is and what is going on in his life that is another good sign. Do not push anything because you do not want to push him away. If it is meant to happen it will. It may not happen immediately when you want it to but it will happen. Just have faith because life surprises you and things have a way of working out. You never know who you will get a text from or what is going to happen so just let things happen.


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