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Just One More

Updated on July 20, 2015

Just one more time face to face I wish I had with you

One more time to share your breath I expect you'd want this too

"Tu es mon esprit" ; You are my spirit within me, you catalyst desire

with mere memory of yesteryear still kindling the fire

A man of savoir-faire would compare you to the taste of caviar

In retribution of my senses, you are my guiding star

Just one more time to hold you close for our flesh to reunite

would put the feather in my cap, the moon back in my night

Beyond accretion of secretion, nonparrellel to supreme

Paramount to Goddess, surpassing human being

Recreation rendered beyond the reach of art

your kiss upon my lips descended to my heart

Just one more time to sense your essence of bouquet

to hold your hand, hear your voice and besides your body lay

One's days are predetermined and once the die are tossed

There is no getting back that which the hands of time have lost

Moments of our lifetime worth their weight in gold

Fate foredoomed our future casting past on hold

"Je desire que vous mon amour de plus que mon core"

Just one more time to be with you and I won't ask for more.


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