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Just Say No and Yes to You

Updated on March 15, 2011


We are halfway through the first month, of the new year and much has already happened.  We have made a plan, developed a strategy, and set some goals.  Momentum is what helps keeps us motivated.  Anything that serves to subtract from that, is suspect and considered an enemy.



Today, I'm learning that it's necessary to "Just Say No!"  No, to not having time to join someone's pity party!  No, to figuring out why your computer has too many pop-ups!  No, to changing my schedule just to accomodate you!  No, No, No!


I'm reminded of an incident, many years ago when someone asked that we FAST for her.  Her situation was dire.  The intecessors and prayer warrior got on board.  One of the pray-ers had to run to the mall and guess who they saw!  The young lady who requested we FAST!  Not only had she grabbed a few friends to browse the mall but they were celebrating their outing with FOOD!

Of course the pray-er was disappointed but we learnt a valuable lesson that day.  Ask the requestor if their situation is important enough for them to participate in the FAST also!


It's my job to make sure that I'm centered and at peace with myself.  Not that I'm not concerned about you but it seems to me that I'm more concerned about you than you are of yourself!  Yes, I agree with you.  Yes, I am talented, compassionate, and thorough but today conserving my energy and my committment to make me a better self is top priority today!


Tommorrow could be different but I'm learning that right now I have today and I must make use of the hours that has been given to me by the Creator.  Living without regrets means that I must be accountable for what I do with the time, money, and talents that I've been awarded.


Don't get me wrong, I don't love you any less, but I need to honor the God in me more!


Let's pray:

Dear Father, teach me to love myself that I don't allow people, places, or things to overwhelm me so that I'm too worn to honor you with my life.  I pray to welcome each day and use each hour as deposits and withdrawals from your Heavenly Bank...In Jesus' Name...Amen!


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    • hotwebideas profile image

      Bruce Chamoff 6 years ago from New York

      Lady Summerset, this is an awesome hub and very inspiring. Voted up and now I am following you.