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Just love me for a second.

Updated on December 15, 2013

I will forever remember the first day that I saw you because that was the day I realized that nothing is impossible. That day I believed in mystery because it was a mystery to see a beauty such as yours that walk among mortals. “Oh!” I exclaim in my humble lost soul “an angel dwells among men.”

I will forever remember that day because I fell helplessly in love immediately your magical eyes caught my questioning eyes. I tried not to fall like a weak man but I could not help myself so I fell so helplessly in love and I am still falling because I can’t fight back. No! I will never fight back because your love is mystical and divine and I am only a mortal. I willingly submitted to the overwhelming power of love and I only pray that you love me back.

Beauty and other forces of attraction is not the only thing you have because your kindness, gentleness, and sweet smiles bring people to you. Now it is obvious that many other men are as helplessly in love just as I am but the only difference may be that I am still falling in love each day that it seems to be a love without end. Yet, I know that every sane man will want to have you by his side. That is why I am afraid for I know that it will be battle because men want to win your love.

If there will be a battle for your love then I am not certain of winning the battle because I do not have what it takes to fight and win a battle. This is because some people have wealth and riches and with it they can get anything they want because “money answers all things” but certainly money can't buy a love such as yours for you are unique. All I have is my life, my love, my heart, and my world and that is all I have to give to you and I wish I could give more so I have what it takes to win a true/an unconditional love and not a battle. However, in this type of battle, only you can decide who wins.

I do not know if I deserve and worth the love of an angel but even if I am found wanting then I only ask that you please love me just for a second if you can’t love me forever so that when I die my heart shall forever remain glad to know that you love me even if it was only for a second. However, if you can love me forever then my heart will live forever just because you love me and not even death can stop me from loving you when I am no more. Therefore, I humbly ask that you love me even if it is for a second.


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