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Philippines K-1 Fiancé Visa How to Win Your Case Save Time and Money.

Updated on August 24, 2018

Beautiful Filipina Girl

My K-1 Visa Background

I went through the K1 visa process back in 1997 and have now been married to my Filipina wife for 20 years. I have helped a family member and several other friends apply and get through the K-1 process. The process is not for the faint of heart. It will take time, money and patiences to see it through. The stereotype of mail order brides still to this day, can rear it's ugly head. You may during your courtship have to deal with the nay sayers among your family and friends and other's. I can assure you this, if you see it though you will have a unique story to tell of your journey for love and the struggle you shared to be together.

My Successful K1 Visa Story

My story starts out 20 years ago, When Bob, a close friend of mine was going through a very rough time in his life. Bob's wife had unexpectedly become ill and passed away, leaving him heart broken. They had a very good marriage for 24 years and losing her left him devastated. About four years had now passed since her death and he still wasn't actively looking for a new relationship( or so he said). One day Bob goes to work, at lunch he sits down at the table with some friends, and one of them brings out and shows him this Asian dating magazine. Bob likes what he sees and ask's to borrow it, the friend said just take it. That evening he calls me and asks if we could get together for lunch, he said I want show you something very interesting . The next day at the restaurant he shows me the magazine and after I looked it over, he asked me what I thought. My advice was, why not give it a try to see what comes of it. I was just glad to see him interested in something of this nature. The process seemed simple enough, once you bought a subscription you had access to all the pictures and addresses to contact the ladies.This is before most people had computers, e-mail, Skype, etc.

I was single at the time and I said to Bob, I would also like to give it a try. We both sent out about a dozen letters and in some cases wrote to the same women, It was interesting what we got back. The first letters we got back were introduction form letters that the dating company must have given the girls to give to their prospects. The letters all started out with the same greeting, Dear Master Tom thankyou for writing and so on. The letters went on to basically say, we are kind, loving, loyal women looking for a good dependable loving man. Someone who wants to settle down have a family and live happily ever after. In a second group of letters that came. One of the girls we both wrote to sent us each back an identical letter except for one small difference. Our names were changed in each letter, It was obvious she working every guy that had written to her.

After a month of reading and writing letters. It became very clear to me there were two kinds of girls writing back. First were the girls that seemed to just complain and ask for money because they can't pay rent, have no food, can't pay for school, need medicine, need writing paper and stamps to send letters back to me. Everything started to move quickly with the girls after only 3 or 4 letters. One girl writes and says, I have talked things over with my family and because of the burden I am to them, it was decided she was mine come and get me. She was probably telling me the sad truth but I wrote her back a short very nice letter saying thanks but no thanks.

The girl who caught my attention, was a 26-year-old Filipina gal that had been an overseas contract worker for the last ten years. She was working as a nanny for a Chinese family in Hong Kong. I found out, she had been sent their to work for her family and faithfully sent most of her money back to her parents the Philippines. I courted her for the next 12 months writing and talking to her on the phone. The one big difference i noticed right away during our communication was, she never once asked me for money . Did that stop me from send it (no) because I knew she was spending her own money calling me from Hong Kong and sending cards and letters. Now, I'm not talking about huge amounts of money but, it was definitely adequate to cover all her expenses plus. I looked at it like this, no matter how things turned out I didn't want to be a burden to her because lets face they don't make much money. She would always scold me nicely after I sent money because, she was very proud that she had always worked hard for her own money.

I Finally, flew over to meet her and everything and went exceptionally well. We immediately begin to move the process forward by flying her back to the Philippines. First, we had to break her work contract and pay a pently fee to her employment agency. Which, I was told, helped to fly in a replacement nanny from the Philippines. Whether or not this was completely ledgetiment or not I had my doubts however, my fiancé was comfortable with this outcome and wanted to leave in good standing so it was best to leave it alone. Once in the Philippines the whole family turned out for my big arrival Aunts, Uncle's, Niece's, Nephew's they were all there to greet me. They were waiting at my apartment in the common area of the compound. We all went inside the apartment together, her family then lined up like a church choir on one side of my kitchen. My girl friend sat me down at the kitchen table across from them. The room was quite as they all looked at me waiting for me to speak. I carefully introduced myself, then proceeded to tell them of my love for their Daughter and that I would always take good care of her. I don't think the whole speech took more than 4 or 5 mins and I had no idea if things were going well as their faces remained completely solemn. The room was quite and still, then the father looked side to side at his wife and brothers, he then looked back at me and broke out with a big smile then followed by the rest of room. Boy, was I relived.

I ended up, living there for the next 6 months talking care of the K-1 Visa myself. I did make one mistake on some paperwork which delayed things an extra 3 weeks. While at immigration, I met and talk to many Americans, Some had spent years trying to get their wive or fiancé back to the states because of paper work mistakes buy their fiancé when alone at immigration. Many said, they were only able to get away a couple of days or weeks from work every year making it difficult for them to handle all the paper work themselves. The question is, why didn't they hire someone their to help "Penny wise pound foolish" After a little over 5 months of waiting we finally received her Visa and could go back to the States. We fly into LAX on Philippines Airlines and are life here in the USA begins.

Filipino Lady

20 years Later Though The Good And The Bad

Falling in love and getting married to my Filipino wife turned out to be the best thing I ever did. After our marriage she went to collage got a job and we started our family. We have a good life together, but it does not all come without a great deal of sacrifice especially my wife. She misses all her family and friends back in the philippines, but the worst part for her was when her mother got ill and passed, not being able to be their buy her side was disheartening. Anyone, considering having a Filipino wife had better fully understand the sense of responsibilities that most Filipino's have for their parents. A word to the wise, there is very little in the way of a safety net in the Philippines so be surprised if your wife needs to send things like food, medicine, or money to help her parents, especially if their poor. Just remember the golden rule "a happy wife gives you a happy life". Does this mean she gets to clean out your life's savings ( no). But to be sure, you will have to find a balance if you want your marriage to work.

Could You Fall In Love?

Could You Fall In Love And Marry A Woman from A Different Country And Culture

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Endless Love

K-1 Visa Requirements

  • Only a U.S. citizens and can sponsor a Fiancée Visa.
  • You must both be legally free to Marry.
  • You must have met your fiancé in person face-to-face within the last two years before filing.
  • You must confirm that you both intend to marry during your fiancé's 90 day visa in the USA.
  • You must be able to prove immigration that you have a romantic genuine relationship.
  • You must be able to prove an annual income of $15,730 in the contiguous United States.
  • Cash assets can be used as income.
  • You can use a financial joint sponsor if your income or assets are not enough for eligibility. The sponsor can ask a relative or friend to help as long as they have proof of their income.

K-1 Visa Scam

If you enjoyed this piece. Please check out my other Philippine related articles. K-1 Visa scam etc. Thank you.

Beautiful Davao Philippines


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