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Keep Communication In A Relationship

Updated on January 20, 2010

Keeping communication In A Relationship



Communication In A Relationship Communication in a relationship is the key as to how long it will last. If a couple starts off with good communication between each other, then this will enable them, to deal with whatever situation or circumstances that may arise. Communication is hard for some people, some people don't know how to express themselves when issues arise within a relationship. True communication is a skill, it's something that a person has to work at. The more a person finds themselves communicating, the better they will become at it.

Keeping The Lines Of Communication Open
In a relationship, an open line of communication must be present, this entails both parties being able to come to each other and talk out their problems, issues, and concerns. When communicating with each other, this should not involve, demeaning words, abusive language, assassination of character, or speaking down to one another. A couple should never give each other the silent treatment, for this will only hinder, and smother the relationship, neither one will get anything solved being silent, for this leads to a lack of trust. A couple should be able to come to one another in the good of the relationship, as well as the bad. Assuming something that your partner has done is not healthy. A relationship should never be built on assumptions or heresays, but only on factual evidence. If you feel your partner has done, or said something to your dislike, go to him/her, and ask them what you want to know, taking other people's word for things is not a healthy practice in a relationship, because people don't tell the truth all the time. Make sure the lines of communication stays open, because you will not know, if you don't ask.

Daily communication is best between couples, this helps the relationship to grow. When communicating with each other, someone has to remember that two people can't talk at once, being a good listener is important as well. While one person is talking, the other one should be listening, this cuts out a lot of yelling between each other. A key fact to remember in communication, is that it takes deep thought, neither couple can just go around blurting things out, or saying the first thing that comes to the mind, because this will only lead to regret. When communicating with each other, no one person should be doing all the talking.

When to communicate

 Before a couple come together to communicate, the atmosphere should be pleasant and quiet. Before communicating with each other, both parties should relatively be in a good mood. If something is bothering you about your partner, don't bring it up to him/her if you've had a bad day at work or the kids have gotten on your nerves, try taking a hot bath first, put on some soft music to relieve some of the stress. You can even fix a nice candle-lit dinner just for the two of you, if you have kids try putting them to bed first, remember the tone and atmosphere depends totally on how you set it. Communication in a relationship is vital, only the people involved can keep the line open. If couples will work together, then it would be a beautiful relationship with both openess, and respect.

Keep Communication In A Relationship

Keep Communication

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    • ZRMoore profile image

      ZRMoore 5 years ago

      i agre with you listening is the most important part of communication in a relationship.

    • Mr Love Doctor profile image

      Mr Love Doctor 5 years ago from Puerto Rico

      zmdoss, I would say that this is a thoughtful Hub that you put a lot of time into, but would you mind defining the word "communication" for us? I think most women know instinctively what it means to communicate, but for the guys in the audience, it's a good idea to put it plain and square somewhere. Thanks and voted up!