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Keep Manipulation out of a relationship

Updated on March 23, 2011

      Love is a beautiful thing.  How many times have we heard that phrase uttered?  Pure love, we all want that.  So why then do people persist in manipulating others into doing what they want?  Why not accept the one you love for who he or she is, not make them into what YOU want. 

   Here's a story of love, lust and manipulation.  A relationship that was never what it should have been.  Lie after lie told.  Each partner secretly wanting something else, but never being able to communicate it properly.

     So they play games, they talk circles around each other.  They force the issue, they beg, plead, make deals.  A woman may dress in sexy lingerie to get what she wants from her man.  She man play sex games with him, or she may go the exact opposit route and totally withhold until she gets him to agree to do what she wants him to do.  She may even turn the children against their dad, there are no limits when people are trying to get their way.

   Likewise the male may get heavily involved in sports, or stay at work late so that wife or companion will do anything to keep them at home.  Emotional starvation seems to be a practice that both sexes utilize.  Parents tend to be very serious manipulators, using the guilt weapon.  Mothers are very skilled are using guilt to get their way.  Adult children can just say goodbye to their principles if mother wants them to go with them to an affair that they are vehemently against.  If mom is a good manipulator, a grown child may find themselves in a situation that they have vowed to stay far away from. 

     Its a practice that will never go away.  Manipulation in politics, in the business world, seem to be almost necessary.  But in the bedroom?  At the family dinner table?  So sad,  The one place that should be pure and safe from scams should be the pure love of a couple and of a family.


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