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Khumo Seepamore the flyest buddy of all time.

Updated on March 23, 2016

Friends will be friend right till the end of time


Khumo Seepamore the flyest buddy of all time.

Khumo Seepamore the flyest buddy of all time.

Khumo over the past six years.

We have studied, I dropped out and you completed.

We have been to braais.

We have been to house parties.

We have exchanged gifts as friends on birthdays.

We have chilled and just catch up with what is on the tele.

We have laughed, and we have always reunited after both of us had changed our numbers.

I still memorise your numbers of by heart, even though what is the point when we both change numbers often, freshmen tendencies, at least you know where I reside, besides we always find each other.

You have grown.

You have travelled.

You have continued to further your studies.

You grow prettier with every season.

Your wit is filled with grace and sarcasm.

You are a pretty intellectual dream, you hold the definition of beauty captive, you define Beautiful in its in its most simple, complex and natural sense of being.

Buddy you are one the flyest ladies I have ever laid my eyes upon.

Your kindness is the cherry on top.

No cosmetic surgery.

No spiritual searching.

You are a perfect nine.

The ideal bride.

May you continue to guard your heart.

You and your soul mate the ever commitment and charming Jeff, have built a foundation over the past 8

Years, may life continue to blossom and be kind.

Khumo you are a gift from God.

You are a reflection of your mum, dad, and siblings.

Please continue doing the Seepamore dynasty justice.

May your family be cosy on earth though out the ages of time.

That is the wish and prayer I shall echo throughout the ages of time, when I thank Lord that I have a true friend and buddy as fly and compassionate as you.

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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