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Kinds of Love Stories That Surround Us

Updated on June 17, 2014
Love is a Beautiful feeling
Love is a Beautiful feeling

Reason behind my intensive research on kinds of Love stories

One might question me about choosing such a weird topic to write my hubpage. Honestly there is no specific reason to do so.

Sheer boredom and a tiny bit of curiosity has forced me to minutely observe the diverse varieties of love around me. It was not a tedious job as the diverse manifestations of love could be easily found in households and workplaces, restaurants and cafes, metros and buses, and honestly if you look properly, there is a love-story brewing almost everywhere around you. Each of these love stories is unique in their own way. However, if seen properly you will realize that all these love stories have a typical pattern that they follow.

According to my observation, I have come across five types of love stories, which I will share with you guys.

The PDA Love
The PDA Love

The PDA (Public Display of Affection) Love

The PDA love is the most viral kind of love that you can see all around you. I am sure all of you have come across this type of love- relation around you, or definitely have been in one.

This type of couple will be seen everywhere, giggling and joking on side-walks, cutely fighting in the metros, sipping coffee from the same cup in coffee shops, cuddling and holding hands in the college libraries and canteens, hugging and sneaking in kisses whenever they find a chance; and you will find them almost every place you have ever been to.

When they are not together, you will find them on the phone usually inquiring about every single detail of their mundane lives, hence to other people around them they stand out to be either extremely annoying or occasionally sweet.

Buddy Love- They do everything together
Buddy Love- They do everything together

The Buddy Love

You will feel jealous of this kind of love and will want to be involved in one such relationship.

Generally this kind of couple are together ever since their childhood and before the time they understood anything about love and relationship. You will find them doing everything together: reading together, shopping together, traveling and partying together.

They more or less share the same hobbies and interests. They are quite content within themselves and don’t need an extended group of friends for company. Most often they will be on their own and prefer things that way. Signs of PDA in this couple are hardly visible.

The Ruthless Love
The Ruthless Love

The Ruthless Love

Even though I have spent almost all my time of existence trying to understand the concept of love, I never could realize why this kind of couple wishes to stick together after all they do and go through.

This is the most weird relation on earth you will ever see. You will always find this couple to be fighting: not the adorable fighting that we are accustomed to seeing and being in, but ugly pulling each other down, tearing each other's hair, screaming and abusing each other in public kind of fighting.

They fight over everything minor details like how the other person does not call or care, about how the other person still texts his ex to major issues like maybe, opposing the girl’s career and the guy’s family, they will fight in public and private. Yet at the end of a huge fight, they choose to come back together only to fight again by the end of the day.

This is how it goes on as if you are in a loop and watching the same reel over and over again.

The Silent Love
The Silent Love

The Silent Love

I am definitely hopeful that one day I will be lucky enough to get involved in this sort of a relationship. This is the type of couple you would love to see around and I can vouch that you would love to be in this kind of relationship. This is the most safe and secure, bound by mutual love and respect couple. This couple understand that only requited love is not enough, and mutual respect and trust is as important as love. They are bound to each other by these three trifecta of the relationship.

This couple can be sitting far from each other, across the room, and still speak all that they want to convey through their eyes. They hardly display love publicly but occasionally. When you observe their relation, you will understand that their's is an unsaid vow which represents that they are obviously meant to be together forever. (Ohh! how I would love to be in such a relationship!)

One Sided Love
One Sided Love


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The One-Sided Love

Now who doesn’t know the pain and despair of one-sided love?

I can be absolutely sure that it has happened to every one of us- is'int it? The One-Sided love usually takes its own painful route where the person in loves goes from believing that the other will fall in love too to being disheartened at the absence of all such prospects.

The truth however, is that the One-Sided love almost always comes with an expiry date, the person falling in love, moving on sooner or later. This one sided love makes you stronger in life and brings a hope that someone someday down the line will reciprocate your feelings and fall in love with you as well.

Fall in Love
Fall in Love

Result from my endless observation

Love is an amazing feeling. People might assert that it hurts, but actually betrayal hurts, two timing hurts, cheating hurts, loneliness hurts, being duped or dumped hurts. And love is the only thing that makes you hope and believe in better things in life by helping you to move on and find better and finer things in life.

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