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Know Fully About Ego

Updated on December 7, 2014

We come across a number of couples splitting due to what is called "ego clash." Not only couples, ego clashes cause problems in many other areas as well. It affects political and boardroom decisions also. That is the reason spiritual leaders and motivational gurus advise us to shed ego. According to them, if we are 'egoistic', we can not achieve personal development.
Though the term 'ego' was used in a different sense by Sigmund Freud, all of us use it for describing the exalted sense a person has about himself or herself. When two people with bloated egos confront each other, clashes are bound to be there. We often come across instances of political leaders, leading industrialists and even spiritual leaders fighting among themselves due to such bloated egos.
Even when a person has a false belief about his or her superiority over others, there may be clashes. There may be unnecessary demands when a partner thinks he or she is more lofty than his or her life-partner. If both the partners want to nurture their relationship, they must ensure that there is no room for any such ego clashes.
Couples should think rationally and must not allow their egos to bloat. The fact is that if these people allow this to happen, there will be a paradoxical situation wherein they will start experiencing low self-esteem.
The main point everyone should bear in mind is that no one is perfect in this world. In fact, when a person has a bloated ego, he or she ceases to be a perfect person. So, it is wrong if these people expect others to behave the way they expect. They must understand that others may also expect them to behave to their liking.
So, we must make use of our egos constructively and must not allow them to hamper our personal development.


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