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Know your Best friend and Life Partner through NUMEROLOGY.

Updated on September 18, 2009

A Little About Numerology.

Numerology is not a complete science. It is just one branch of the predictive science. In Numerology numbers are used as a key to human behavior. The very great thing about numerology is, its easy-to-learn method. Numerology is much simpler than Astrology and does not require complicated mathematical calculations.There are just three things a numerologist needs to know, the day of the month a person was born, the numerological value of his or her popular name, and the person's total birth information (date, month and year). With these details numerology can provide you:-

* Better understanding of your good and bad sides.

* A method of accepting your weaknesses, and those of others.

* An interesting way of passing time.

* Popularity and Respect.

* A very good mind game.

And if you want to be a good numerologist, you should develop a mind of scholar researching life, need the alertness of an explorer, good memory, an intuitive mind along with a good conversational skill. If you have all these you can be a good numerologist. 

I would like to advise you not to accept blindly the information you are getting from me or from anywhere else. By observing the three numbers( psychic, destiny,and name, that i will write on the following capsule) and the relationship of these to the numbers of other people, you should create your own language to explain what you understand.

Remember experience teaches you more than a book or article can teach. These informations will opens the window to numerology, one then has to work with one's personal understanding of that information along with their direct experiences.

In the following capsule i will explain how to calculate your PSYCHIC, DESTINY AND NAME NUMBER.

The Magical Numbers



The psychic number is obtained by making a simple whole number of the date of birth. For example i was born on September 14 and since 1 + 4 = 5, my psychic number is 5.

 The psychic number plays an important role in one's choice of friendship, marriage, food, sex, as well as one's needs, ambitions and desires. The Psychic number indicates what one thinks about oneself and the destiny number indicates what the world thinks of that person.


The single whole number obtained from the addition of the date, month and year of birth is called the destiny number.

       For example, I was born on September 14, 1978.

                             9 + 1+ 4 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 8 = 39 = 3 + 9 = 12 = 3, my destiny number is 3.

The destiny number is more important than either the psychic number or name number. One always thinks in the same way, but destiny does not always work the way one wants. The psyche is free to think, expect, and desire, but destiny brings only what one really deserves.


The number is obtained by adding the numerological value given to the letters of the popular name.

For example my popular name is RAJESH AUGUSTINE. According to the Unit System, the value of each letter is as follows:

1 = A,I,J,Q,Y, -    2 = B,C, K, R  -   3 = G, L, S  -  4 = D, M, T  -  5 = N, E  - 6 = U, V, W, X         

7 = O, Z  - 8 = F, H, P.

                                      R   A   J   E   S   H               A   U   G   U   S   T   I   N   E

                                      2 +1 + 1 +5 + 3 + 8= 20       1 +6 + 3 + 6 + 3 +4+1 +5+ 5 =34

                                                          20 + 34 = 54 = 5 + 4 = 9

So the numerical value of my name come to 9.

The name number has a strong influence upon an individual life, and it does affect the psyche but has no influence over the destiny number. The name number plays a key role in one's social life and marriage.

So, i hope now you can find your PSYCHIC, DESTINY AND NAME NUMBER and got a little idea about numerology. Do you wonder how easy it is. That is what i said  before on this hub. It is that much easy. Yes, now you like to know about the qualities and drawbacks of each number.

 On the next capsule i will write down some of those qualities of each number.


Qualities and Drawbacks of each number

 NO: 1

GOOD QUALITIES- Kinglike, Confidence, Kind, Disciplined, Strong, Royal, Authoritative etc.

DRAWBACKS- Bossy, Too critical, Overambitious, Demanding attentionall the time etc.

NO: 2

GOOD QUALITIES- Queenlike, Everchanging, Sympathy, Simplicity, Honesty etc.

DRAWBACKS- Lack of self confidence,Dependent, Haste, Never stick on their decisions etc.


GOOD QUALITIES- Ambition, Spiritual, Friendly, Individuality etc.

DRAWBACKS- Short Tempered, Over optimisim, Proud, Workholic etc.


GOOD QUALITIES- Reliability, secretive, Energy, Boldness, Courage etc.

DRAWBACKS- Doubtful, Short Tempered, Selfishness etc.


GOOD QUALITIES- Entertaining, intelligent, sensitive etc

DRAWBACKS- Haste, Criticisim, workholic etc


GOOD QUALITIES- Romantic, sweet spoken, strong memory, peace etc

DRAWBACKS- Laziness, Absence of foresight, moodiness etc.


GOOD QUALITIES- Mystical, Inventive, Serenity, peace etc.

DRAWBACKS- RESTLESSNESS, Underestimate their talents,Fantasy etc.


GOOD QUALITIES- Wise, Practical, Steady, Systematic etc.

DRAWBACKS- Laziness, Talkative, Revengeful etc.


GOOD QUALITIES- Strong, Courage, Enthusiastic etc.

DRAWBACKS- Hot- tempered, Rough, Doubting, Fighting etc.

Hope you got some idea about all those nine numbers. Please let me know your feedback about this hub it will help my to write more about on this subject. 

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      Anindita Bhuiya 2 years ago

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      rubab 2 years ago

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      Amit Bansal 6 years ago

      her name is avanish & u guess right

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      Riya 6 years ago

      So nice

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      farah 6 years ago

      gud effort

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      Manisha 6 years ago

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      Tina babe 6 years ago

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