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Knowing Gemstone Meanings: A Guide To Thoughtful Gifts

Updated on February 3, 2010

Just as the Victorian language of flowers was used to convey messages of love, sympathy, friendship, and support, so do the meanings of gemstones. Throughout all of human history, unique and beautiful stones have been seen as powerful good luck charms, possessing powers of attraction, repulsion, and healing. They also make excellent gifts for family and friends.

The range of colors available from gemstone jewelry is practically limitless, as are the meanings of gemstones. Loose gemstones can be left in the raw state, rolled to a smooth perfection, or cut into facets of elegant brilliance. Gemstone jewelry comes in rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and in body piercings, among others. The beauty of the stone combines with the meanings of gemstones to create a touching gift. In ancient times, medicine bags and amulets carried significant loose gemstones to prevent injury, to protect against evil, and to maintain tribe affiliation. Most importantly, each of the gemstone meanings was known to the wearer.

The basic human needs for affiliation, protection, love, and strength are no less real today than they were thousands of years ago. In fact, people probably need those powers and affiliations more than ever. Give the gift of gemstones with a special touch: explain the gemstone meanings and the powers it is said to bestow.

Everybody Knows About Birthstones - Or Do They?

Each month has its own gemstone and the meaning of a gemstone can make your gift special. Adding the gemstone meanings makes your gift better. January’s garnet is the stone of passionate devotion, and it thought to increase vitality and stamina. Garnets are also believed to keep travelers safe, making a garnet gemstone the perfect gift at a bon voyage party! The meanings of gemstones such as garnet make them treasured possessions.

February’s amethyst is said to help clear thinking, calm the emotions, and reconnect with intuition. It is believed to help in the battle against addictions and to give its wearer courage.  This gemstone meaning may be just what is needed. The aquamarine of March is said to release fear and anxiety and helps the wearer to be courageous. April's birthstone, the diamond has long been known as a girl’s best friend, but they are also are a symbol of everlasting love. Diamond gemstone meanings include the amplification of the thoughts of its wearer. It is also believed to have powers of detoxification. The meaning of gemstones will add extra significance to your gift.

May emeralds are fertility stones that provide improved vision, both physically and metaphorically, and they may even relieve insomnia and depression. Pearls are a symbol of purity, which makes them an ideal gift for a young woman’s debutante party or as a graduation gift. Don’t forget to tell your recipient why you chose that particular stone - providing the gemstone meanings alongside your gift is what makes it extra special.

The deep reds of rubies make this July birthstone a symbol of vitality and royalty, conveying its gemstone meaning of love and friendship. The gemstone meaning of rubies is also protection from ill health and misfortune. August’s peridot is said to strengthen life, relationships, and prosperity, as well dispelling fear and jealousy. September’s sapphires are associated with peace and happiness, bringing gemstone meanings of good communication, intuition, and inspiration.

The gemstone meaning of October’s opal is love, passion, and spontaneity. It represents faithfulness and confidence. The gemstone meanings found in November’s topaz are said to calm bad tempers and to give strength. This gemstone is used in combating depression, insomnia, and exhaustion. It also symbolizes affection and love. December’s turquoise is considered to be a powerful love charm. Turquoise is said to attract love, money, and success. It is a stone of friendship and it is believed to protect the wearer from harm.

So Many Other Gift Giving Opportunities!

Times of accomplishment, loss, anniversaries, new babies, and so many other occasions are perfect for the gift that everyone loves to get. Don’t forget to make these gifts even more special by your addition of the gemstone meanings. If a loved one is having a difficult time, you may want to give a gemstone meaning strength, such as an agate, to awaken talents and balance energies. If someone is going through a confusing time in their life, rutile quartz is said to help one get to the root of a problem. It is the meaning of gemstones that makes them such unique gifts.

Diopside is said to bring healing through the cathartic effect of tears. It also promotes love and commitment. If you have a friend or family member who is ill, apatite is believed to help fight off viruses and to help overcome sadness. It is the meaning of gemstones that adds to the value of the gift. Your recipient will carry the gemstone meanings along with the jewelry.

If someone you know is starting a new endeavor, be it a marriage, a new business, or a new baby in the home, gemstones such as aventurine are known to attract prosperity. Tanzanite is traditionally given to newborn infants in the Masai tribe as a token of good fortune and jade has long been the stone of serenity, good luck, and abundance. Iolite is the stone of inner vision, bringing higher awareness and financial responsibility.

Citroen is said to help balance restlessness by opening the mind to new thoughts. It is a gemstone of optimism and abundance, endurance and self-esteem, making it an ideal choice for the young man or woman heading off for college. Fluorite would be another good choice, as improved mental processes and increased concentration are in its gemstone meanings. It is said that the gemstone meanings of moonstones include clarity of thought and inspiration. Tourmaline is said to promote balance, strength, and concentration, things all young adults need!

All The Help We Can Get

When disaster strikes, times are hard, money is tight, or despair sets in, everyone could use a little help. Your concern, affection, and compassion can be carried around with the gift of gemstone jewelry. There are many gemstones that are said to ward off evil, anger, and depression. The meanings of gemstones plant a seed of hope in the heart of the person you give it to.

Ammonite dispels negative energies with its calming and soothing power. Chalcedony is considered a sacred stone by Native Americans with its power to promote brotherhood and goodwill. This gemstone is said to alleviate sadness and hostility. Rose Quart is the stone of gentle love, bringing peace, harmony, and healing. And smoky quartz brings endurance, serenity, and positive thoughts.

Tiger’s Eye is said to transform anxiety and fear into usable logic and energy. Black onyx is said to repel negativity. It also enhances perseverance and determination. Jasper is said to bring compassion, contentment, and consolation to its wearer. The beautiful blues of spinel, which is associated with relaxation and releasing worry, and chianti, a calming stone that dispels anger and frustration, can help a loved one break out of their own blues, whether by your loving concern or the power of the stone is yet to be proven.

Celebrate The Good Times!

Blue topaz is the perfect gemstone gift for someone celebrating something new, bringing creativity and courage. Its gemstone meaning includes fidelity and integrity. A newly wedded pair may love your thoughtfulness when you give the gift of lapis, an ancient gemstone message of truth and friendship, wisdom and awareness, and is said to bring harmony to relationships. Another good choice is an opal. Opal is the stone of love, passion, and spontaneity.

Giving the gift of gemstone meanings adds to your gift of gemstone jewelry. The many gemstone meanings are unique and personal. Taking the time to select a stone with the right gemstone meaning shows them just how much you care.

Making Your Gift Unique

There are so many different gemstones and gemstone meanings to choose from. The fact that they have, for thousands of years, been associated with certain powers, abilities, and protections makes them far more fascinating gifts than something that won’t last, or will never be used. Loose gemstones and gemstone jewelry makes an excellent gift choice. You can make your gift all that much more special by including the story behind the stone. Sharing the gemstone meaning lets the other person you understand and care about them. Gemstone meanings can be incorporated into practically any gift-giving occasion.

Gemstone meanings can be written on the card that accompanies your gift, or you can get creative. A little pop-up card inside the gift box can share the meanings of gemstones. You can write the gemstone meanings on the ribbon that goes around your gift. Or, a little book of the meanings can accompany your gift.

Luckily, high quality gemstones are available at affordable prices from reputable dealers such as the experts at Liquidation Channel. There is no need to pay exorbitant prices for high quality gemstones when you can use wholesale gemstones websites to buy the perfect gift for friends, family, or even for yourself! The meanings of gemstones make every gift something special. Find the right gemstone meaning for your gifts today!


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This was SO interesting! I had no idea gemstones had specific meanings, much less possible healing powers! I will definitely be referencing this hub next time I'm gift shopping.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I love this!! I never really thought about the fact that my birthstone had its own individual meaning. My birthstone is the Ruby - and I've always thought it was kind of... unappealing. But after reading the meaning of it - I'll be proud to flaunt it!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      What an informative hub! I knew some of the more common gemstone meanings like rubies, but I never knew that emeralds were supposed to help with fertility issues. An emerald necklace would be a great gift for someone who's trying to have a baby.


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