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Knowing What You Want in a Relationship

Updated on December 29, 2014

It is very important when it comes to a relationship to know what you want. For some people it takes years for them to know what they want, that is why it is good when they are young to date around.

Make a list of all of the qualaites that you want in a guy. Sit down in a quiet room and ask yourself "What do I want in someone?" "What do I want in a relationship?" It could be someone who is a homebody or someone who is a good listner. Anything that comes to mind and you believe you want then write it down. When you are done read your list and try to stick to it. Try to find guys who have the qualaties that you want. If you want someone caring do not go after a cheater.

When you know what you want in a relationship than do not settle for less. If you want a guy who is caring and loving than do not go out with a cheater or a guy who has a bad temper. Go to places where you know you will meet teh guy you want. It does not always have to be in bars.

When you know what you want in someone than go to places where your dream guy will be. If you want the sweet guy who will always be there for you, go to church or a coffee shop. You can eveb meet the sweet, smart, shy guy in a bookstore or library.

If you want the bad boy than go to bars and clubs. You can even find someone at the gym. Go to places where there is alchol and guys do not know how to treat girls. If you are looking for just a hook up than bars are the place to be.

A guy who has these qualiaties can already be in your life. You just have never noticied it before because you never knew what you were looking for.

The guy who has all of the qualiaties that you want can be the guy who you have known for years. It could be the guy who you see around and are getting to know. All you have to do is write the qualiaties that he has, that you admire and see if he matches anything on your list. If he does than you just may have found your dream guy.

Do not let other people influence on what you want in someone. Most girls go for bad boys but bad boys do not make good boyfriends. Just because one person goes for a certain type of guy does not mean that you have to also. If your friend likes their space and wants a cop but you want a guy ho is home with his family than that is the guy who you should be going after. It doesen't mean that you are being close minded it just means that you want a different guy than your friend does.

Not evweryone wants the same thing in a relationship. Different people have different desires in someone. You also have to examine what kind of person you are and how you want to be treated. If you are sweet, romantic and loyal than you should stay clear of players. If you like to party and get drunk all the time than maybe going for a payer is what you are looking for. If you want someone nice than you have to be nice. If you want a guy who is calm than do not go for a guy who has a bad temper.

When you know what you want in a relationship you should have no problem walking away, if you do not get it. You know how you should be treated.

It is very important to know what you want in a relationship. When you do discover what you want make sure that you will not settle for less. Love is out there and over time you will discover what you want andd you will meet your special someone. Like the saying goes "Sometimes you have to kiss a lot of guys before you meet your prince."

Do you know what you want in a relationship?

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    • realtalk247 profile image

      realtalk247 2 years ago

      I used to date with an idea of what I want. Now I have learned to really consider what I want and how that man measures up next to my desires. Dating and not knowing what you want regarding your actions with a man allows the relationship potential to go south often. There is no harm in stating what you want nor your expectations. They either want to play ball or not but sticking to your standards are a must because when you settle for less you settle for less than you bargained for.