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Korean Male vs Japanese Male

Updated on December 9, 2012

What are Korean male like?

This is going to be opinionated and somehow biased. I'll try to throw in some facts where possible.

Well, I have never met a Korean ever in my life but I see them online, on TV etc. and from there I have built an image and a perception of Korean male. I know this could not be sufficicent enough to establish what they are like in general but as I mentioned earlier I have never met one.

In my opinion, Korean male come in 3 different types: The upfront/spontaneous, The shy/naive and The funny/cool type. In all honesty, Korean male are ususally meterosexual which I don't find a problem because I like this type of guys. Now I heard a lot of people tell me how Koreans are upfront and will tell you how they feel about you regardless, which can hurt some people. I find it okay because I'd rather someone be honest with me all the way and fake everything with me.

The upfront/spontaneous type

There are definetly some Korean guys who are spontaneous and I saw a couple on TV programmes and shows and I like that they are open with thier feelings. An example of a Korean idol who's like this is 'Key' from SHINee. He said that if there is someone he doesn't like, that person will know it. Assuming he will either say it or his body language will portray it.

They shy/naive type

Actually nearly every Korean male are shy but there's a level of intensity where some will be super shy another a little shy and another just a bit shy. What I realised is that the Koreans seem to be the opposite of other cultures maybe? The male are the nice, shy, naive and caring whilst the females are usually the assertive, bold, flirty and controling. It's strange especially to the western world and some other countries if not the majority but, I just thought about my people and it seems to be similar! xD

Now, of course there'll always the different ones who will seize the opportunity to be unique and break this stereotype or culture. I don't know what makes Korean male shy but I think there's a charm to it more than anything else. The shy I am talking about is NOT necessarily the conservative and extremely quiet person but the one that in certain situations will blush or smile cutely!! ^^ That's how Korean male are anyway, they will feel shy if a pretty girl talks to them openly, sits next to them, stares at them, touches them etc. They seem to be respectful and their attitude is very impressive. I mean there isn't a problem with flirting but I hardly find Korean male flirt with females. They will flirt with males but obviously they aren't homosexual probably as I mentioned they're shy to flirt with females because Korean females seem to be bold and picky!!

An example of a shy Korean male idol is 'Taemin' from SHINee. He's the type of shy I am not attracted to. He will remain quiet and not interact much around people he doesn't know especially on shows/TV programmes. I respect that's how he is but I think he could be a bit more confident and show his true self. I understand he's only 19 and there's a chance he will grow to be more confident!

The funny/cool type

I love funny people and those with great sense of humour! I have definetly noticed many many Korean males to be extremely funny with lots of character! Although I do not understand what they're saying but with the subtitles I just crack up really hard! Their sense of humour is veru unique to me and has lots of character; their jokes, body gags and sometimes laughter just stirs up the urge to laugh so much!! They're cool in the essence that they don't really take things seriously/personally and are not too sensitive about things! I mean, many Korean males have some degree of humour even if they're shy! I actually think every male has a sense of humour naturally! My dad is a fanatastic example of a funny no a HILARIOUS man!! He is so funny and laid back!! I love him!! Okay so one of the Korean male idol that has a great sense of humour is ONEW from SHINee. He's incredibly funny in whatever he says or does! His naivity makes things even funnier!! He's so sweet and he has his shy moments which are very rare!

These are my own observations and I created this 3 type Korean male thing from my own..creativity? Korean male are usually nicer than females but of course there are the terrible ones which is normal to have in any nation.

What are Japanese male like?

This is also going to be opinionated and perhaps contravertial.

Same as Koreans, I have never every met a Japanese. I see them online, on TV programmes, shows, dramas etc. They seem to be polite and majority of the time with a straight face. Not much emtion is shown at first but once they get into the right mood they are very fun and interesting people.

Japanese male are slightly to Korean male. The main difference I noticed is how they behave, their attitude and body language. Japanese male seem to be a bit distant compare to Korean male. Japanese male are not too open perhaps they don't want others to take advantage of their friendliness and naivity. They seem to be realistic and very cautious. They can be intimidating at first but they'll soon unleash their true self. These Japanese males I witnessed are often very funny and flirty. Their humour comes from the way they say/pronounce words to the way their body reacts!! xD They ususally flirt with females a lot and are sexual. They seem to think about sex many times which is what men are like but from their innocent and cute faces you just can't expect that!

I have not observed a distinctive personality to every Japanese male but there are 2 types of them; The funny/sexual/flirty and The shy/naive/nerdy! Again, I haven't had the chance to observe them as a whole but majority of the time this is what I have noticed. One Japanese male idol I can think of who is funny/sexual and flirty is Kamenashi Kazuya. He makes me laugh and is very energetic. Not so sure of his flirtiness and sexual behaviours but he is very hilarious!

Just my own obeservation and well...judgement of Japanese male. There are ones who will be different which is expected but I believe the majority I encountered (not physically) are what I just mentioned.


Time to compare and outline the differences and similarities between Japanese and Korean males.

Korean male are emotional, open, laid back and talkative. Japanese male are realistic, funny, flirty, cautious. The main difference is how Korean males seem to be naive and spontaneous whilst the Japanese males seem to be more controlling and crafty. These are the main differences I realised between the two and it's how I see it.

The similarites

I think the similar qualities that both Korean and Japanese males share are the following: Effeciency, work ethic, patience, politness, hardworking, versatality..I think I covered some but obviously not all qualities they both share. I think the politeness comes from their culture and traditions: both Japanese and Korean language has a certain level of politness with words as well as body language where bowing is a must when greeting and thanking. Both seem to be effecient with their work and to produce the best of the best be it products or inventions. So I think their similarities seems to be more work-related than non-work.

There's isn't much to discuss about the comparison but I think I covered the main points here. I definetly may have seemed to be biased but it just happens to everyone!


This can be tricky and I really do hope that I do not offend either race.

I come to realise that there's a strong need for the Japanese and Korean to have an impressive appearance be it their body or their clothing.


Very creative, stylish and super sophisticated. I think both Korean and Japanese males dress really well and are very fashionable in their own ways. It even inspired me to become a fashion designer for male clothing! Anyway, I think how one dresses is very important to both cultures because unfortunately as humas we judge people by how they look or predent themselves but I noticed that with the Korean and Japanese in particular, clothing is super important to be accepted and well respected into society.


I mean the body appearance. Now I am sure you all heard about plastic surgery and this business is big in Japan and Korea. Many do have plastic surgery to fit in. Let's not blame them entirely because their society pushed them to do so. Also, it's their own body and they're fully responsible for it and have freewill to do what they want with it. I am not sure if Japanese and Korean males are involved with plastic surgery but there's a chance that some have done it expecialy the idols. I once heard someone say that's absolutely normal and expected from KPop idols whether male or female, to have plastic surgery. I know some male KPop idols who had plastic surgery because of their agency or company. The plastic surgery I am talking about is more like enhancing features or tweeking; higher nose bridge, double eyelids, sharper jaw line etc. not the entire change of appearance!

I think Korean idols seem to have had more plastic surgery in comparison to Japanese idols. Japanese male seem to be more masculine in comparison to Korean males which is why I think this is. I think both look amazing and plastic surgery is not needed since they're beautiful from the inside.

My pereference?

This is when I'll be biased because I am about to share with you which of Korean and Japanese males are my ideal.

I like both types but I feel I am more drawn to the Korean male type because they fit my ideal man. Why? Because Korean males seem to be more open, fun, chatty, caring, upfront and well FUNNIER!!! I love funny guys and I do not care whether he looks hot or not being funny is a must for me! Also, I tend to like guys who are innocent and upfront; not have negative/dirty ideas and honesty is the key to me heart. I love chatty and talkative people but not those who seem to have swallowed a just NO!! So, I feel I will feel more comfortable and happier with a Korean male than a Japanese male. I am not trying to put down Japanese male but they're not generally my type.

I know that my ideal Korean male type which I like can have some negativity and flaws but nobody's perfect and that's for sure applies to every single human being. I know some of you may think nationality has nothing to do with personality but I think that it does! Culture plays a big part in forming our personalities and morals of course environement does which is why I should've mentioned that the Korean and Japanese males I am referring to you are those born and raised in their countries. There's a difference between a Korean-American and a Korean same with the Japanese.


Well, I hope my article didn't end up meaking you feel upset or annoyed. I did state that it's opinionated and biased based on my personal observations.

I love and respect both the Korean and Japanese a lot. I wasn't trying my any means to showcast neagtivity uneqaully and vise versa, I believe I was fair with my judgements when comparing the positives and negatives of the 2 nations.

Thank you for reading my article and hopefully it was informative, insightful and educating for you.

Which is your ideal type of guy?

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