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Updated on September 26, 2017



A.K.A. He's come full circle back into my life, as he said,

"you've lived here before ..."

I just found out my 10th grade high school boyfriend is moving here to Albuquerque, New Mexico rather than attending massage school in Arizona as he had planned. He decided he would do much better attending a massage school here in The Duke Town.

My landlady said she'd recommend folks for his services and we'd rent him his own room, if need be, but he already has a room supplied by the school he's going to be studying at. He is going to love it and (and me????) I just know it.

For one thing, Medical Marijuana is legal here in NM, they at first seemed a bit uptight when I went for my own license, which I finally obtained. My old boyfriend is an avid medical pot smoker, and with good reason. He is an ex marine, and NCIS guy, and has traveled extensively around the world and abroad, as well as riding his mountain bike and attending numerous film festivals around the country.

After hanging up with him, I can't wait for him him to come here. Memories assail me like they were just last year.

I dated him way back when I was in 10th grade. Then came in contact again 11 years ago. Then a year after that we had a stupid fight and never spoke again.
So he wants to be friends again thanks to an girl on Facebook from our same town of Barrington, R.I., a pristine New England clan on Narragansett Bay.

Everything here in Albuquerque for me is starting to fall into a routine. I am well except for a few little ailments. Most ailments gone, new doctors are so far fantastic.... I'm in the hole now, melding. I have all my MD's and am up for a colonoscopy in a few weeks.

Some really wild things are happening! This old boyfriend, now becoming a friend again, is coming here. He gave me my first ever orgasm is moving and he is moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I am now.

He's coming to study theory on how to be a professional massage therapist and again we are going to be meeting and who knows what else at this point in my life.l All I know is that we seem to be getting to be pals again after 9 years of silence....
I had a huge fallout with him over the phony account of a girl I created named Lexi Boseman back in 2007.

His younger brother got very angry at me and we had post wars. So this guy from my past just left because he was miffed that I was using the alias to get on the town's Facebook chat page (pre LIVE) to tell my stories.

My disguise worked for almost a year with no incidents. Then more people started to join it from my town and it turned into a rabid bully site.

I wanted so much just to be a part of it, so I used a fake name, no bad intentions just to post stuff folks would like to see.

That was way back in "2008!!!" He was none too pleased after I reported his own brother for bullying.

He told me to kindly "go fuck off," and started harassing me after that, goading me into admitting I was Lexi Boseman, which I was, but didn't want to admit to him...
But that is ancient history. I realize my mind is so hyper focused that I recall every second, every detail, every twist and turn like it was a week ago in all its clarity, every second, but since he has been thru so much angst and negatives in those 9 years (some girl told me) he doesn't even recall what it was we were fighting about, only that I'd immigrated to Albuquerque NM and he's coming here to go to school.

What I'm getting at is I think it's happening (if he follows thru) on purpose. I think it may be meant for him to be here and for us to hook up. At the time of our first hook up in 10 grade, he was dating this greaser type girl. I was hanging around with her back then. She was ugly and greasy looking and spent time with chain smoking girl's that sat around in the girl's bathroom and skipped class and it all showed on her face.

She looked older than 17, repeating the 10th grade a second time... But wise and street smart. My future boyfriend had just moved from MN.... He was so cute then and is quite dashing and handsome now, even if that was 42 years ago (really????). So I invited him and Patti over to the huge mansion my family lived in off Rumstick in Rhode Island.

OMG he was dancing and kissing her neck and making goo goo eyes at me. He slipped me his number slyly and slid it into my diary in my bedroom. I found it, called and suddenly Patti was out and I was in the game. LOL.

Then we dated , he gave me some credibility, but what I remember most about him was his smell. It was so masculine and strong, slightly musky with the hint of aftershave lotion.

He was so sensitive, but still a jock. Anyhow, we dated until people came up to him (how long did I expect them to remain clueless...duh) and started ribbing him for dating ME...

"Hey, whatcha' doin' with Siegel? Yada yada yada...?"

Then one day I invited my other pal Susan over. She was a wild blond freckled younger girl. But at the time she was such an awkward teenager and hadn't bloomed yet. She was nerdy and not sexy.

Something happened between them from the time I left the two alone in the big playroom with the shuffleboard floor to ask my dad for money for movies. My father heard them thru the heater vent. He heard them flirting and was not happy....

Then he listened to them bantering lovingly... He could even imagine the goo goo eyes they threw at each other when they both said how they liked each other and yada yada yada...

In the end, he dumped me and began dating her.

But Dad had to get his licks in too... "Do you realize your best friend and your boyfriend are talking and I can hear them? Tell them to get out now."
In fact, he took it further and got up and threw them out himself. After that shaming

He turned to me and said, "Remember, they are not your friend and boyfriend, I hope you understand why." I did.

I could not believe how my parents acted when her parents came over just to get a riding hat, but it was probably deeper and maybe her father WAS calling my parents out on the carpet.

Why did they get into a whole petty deal, flapping their peacock feathers at each other. They were just upset about how my parents threw Susan and my boyfriend out that they came over and knocked on our door and they all had a big shouting match and it almost ended in fighting and blows.... But they asked for "their daughter's riding hat and riding crop", and my mom went in my room and brought them out along with 6 riding hats and 4 riding crops and said "WHICH ONE IS YOUR DAUGHTER's..."

The other couple nimbly picked the items and ran away to their car, screeching away.

We found my parents having a great laugh over it when I got home from this carnival the High school threw. I was with the 4 Mormon kids I babysat from across the street! We all stood there frozen as my parents screamed and danced around and shouted a victory dance over it. I was mortified.

I saw Susan in the halls and we ignored each other until one day I came up and asked to be her friend, lost boyfriend or no lost boyfriend.... She agreed and we were civil. But it was never the same. Then the next year I met a Mormon girl from Utah who moved to town. She became the head cheerleader and thus began a whole new saga for me and left Susan in the dust. Poor her, My boyfriend left that year to go back to MN.

I had no contact with him until Facebook 2006 when we connected and started chatting and then over the phone. We were about to make a date for me to fly down to where he lived at the time, but the Facebook mess started, and it was too late.

Now it may be a second coming, he's a perfect person for me to be with if my husband, God forbid, would become ill or even pass away. He is 10 years older than I am, a good man, a kind man, but getting a bit feeble after 16 years. I do notice this.

I still have some life left in me, so I'd like to explore the future with another chance at my 10th grade boyfriend from long ago full circle, if he comes through that is...
Also, who knows, I've not had a good orgasm in 2 years actually, due to all the stress of my life and hormone loss, so maybe he can bring that back, not that I'm a lapping dog waiting for it, but you never know, friends first and always...

Wish me luck friends who are reading this. It's just a gist, a rusty penny trying to get shiny for a second time before death.


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