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Ladder of Love - Light of the Soul

Updated on January 30, 2019
Joseph Leal profile image

I have been initiatied into OAK tradition. I have been introduced to advanced Freemasonic empowering information through magical initiation


Love is quite like a ladder with different stages. And if the stages were appreciated or understood, there would be a lot less separation and more couples in love. What is beauty? And where is it found? Society first observes the opposite sex and determines a potential relationship by first looking for a beautiful body. This is the starting point for all love. People have no understanding of who you are and what your true self is like. Sexual attraction and physical desire is the first initiation to true love. Individual beauty is most wanted as we are subconsciously seeking something we do not have or do not appreciate in ourselves. The truth is all beautiful bodies share something in common. This is something you will eventually recognize and remember when it is time to move on. When you understand this, you will move beyond the first stage of love, and your passions won’t be stilted by just physical appearance.

After failed relationships and unsuccessful encounters with the one you were deemed sexually attracted to, you start to understand that love is a combination of sexual attraction and a fascination to what lies deeper than flesh. We are suppose to come to realize that spiritual and moral beauty matters so much more then physical beauty. The physical body ages and wrinkles. What tarnishes and degrades is ultimately an illusion set with an expiration date. It’s as temporary as your body. We are suppose to lean towards an interaction and connection with noble personalities that can help us and inspire us to become a better person. Have any of us been inspired by love? Have any of us become motivated and pushed to our full potential from unconditional love and support from one another? Are we just settling to steer away from loneliness? Why are we a slave to love? A slave to beauty?

Beautiful souls are the condition which foster moral beauty. Beautiful souls are the only ones capable of following their own correct universal path. But it takes more then morality and a big heart to make a relationship stand. The beauty of knowledge reigns superior and does so ever quietly. Isn’t it true that most couples turn to god at older age? Don’t churches host the company of middle to elder age individuals? We as lovers are suppose to turn our attention to the highest of knowledge to gain a great understanding of wisdom and of our true purpose. Every love relationship has a specific purpose and place. But once you have been initiated into the mysteries of love, truth stands above all. When you discover every kind of beauty is alike in one another, you will conclude the beauty of the body is not so great. You will know the beauty lies in every kind of knowledge. And by scanning beauty’s wide horizon that exceeds the flesh, you will be saved from the slavish devotion of the loveliness of one single person.

Once we break the chains of love, we become near the drawing of the final revelation. This does not mean we don’t need love. We absolutely must have it. Underneath all love is the soul of beauty. It’s everlasting and it’s loveliness neither comes nor goes; never flowers nor fades, but always flows. Our vision of love takes form of anything and everything. Being especially that of flesh. Man’s life is ever worth living once he has obtained the vision of the very soul of beauty. Once you have seen it, you will never be seduced by gold, by dress, or of appearance. You will care nothing of the beauties that take others breath away. It’s up to man to see the heavenly beauty from face to face. If you seek beauty in form, you must see it in all bodies. Love never passes away and is always beautiful. Love is not selfish. True love comes from wisdom, and wisdom only. It is by pain and suffering that eran the right to this wisdom. Only at this point will a lover be able to give birth to true virtue. The form of all beauty is formless. The love most ultimately seek is to nourish the physical desires. All love is sacred, and if we can never get to feeling the importance of the soul, we will always be disappointed in love.

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