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Updated on July 25, 2010

Who are you? A monster, a sadist?

My lights went out!
Motionless like a statute I stood and watched him kissed her.
My heart raced, then stopped. I could not believe what I saw.

You told me I was the only one, that you will always love me;
Yet here I am asking myself, "did I really know you?"
Who the hell are you?

You meant the world to me. I worshipped him.
Your smile, that deep husky voice. I only asked for honesty
Instead, I got dishonesty.

I know I did not do anything wrong
I cannot understand
Silence, deception, no explanation, no communication
It all ended in one sweeping motion.

Who are you? I still asked.
Lucifer sent from hell!
That is who you are!!


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