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Landing A Second Date: This Is How You Do It

Updated on April 26, 2015

Landing a second date is not easy for many people. Lucky for you, there are a number of things you can do to increase your chances of landing that second date. Some of these tips will now be discussed in further detail.

Don't Be Arrogant

Regardless of what you may have heard, people don't like arrogant people. And most people can tell the difference between confidence and arrogance, and if you are arrogant, then good luck getting a second date. Arrogance comes in many forms, but many people know whether or not if they are being arrogant, so if you are known as an arrogant person, then cool it down a bit if you are trying to get past the first date and hoping for a second date. Examples of arrogance is always talking about yourself while putting others down, being conceited and thinking the world revolves around you. These are just a few of the many examples of how one may interpret arrogance.

Don't Brag

Asides from being arrogant, don't brag too much about yourself. There is a difference between arrogance and bragging, but both should really be avoided. Nobody likes someone who constantly brags about themselves, especially on a first date because it comes off as desperate and insecure, and if you want a second date and a long term relationship, then most people want to be with someone who is secure with themselves. They don't want someone who has to brag about what they have, what they do and things of that nature, at least not all the time. A little bit of bragging is fine, but to do it all the time is unnecessary and can steer your date the other way. In other words, don't brage too much on the first date and you should be fine.

Don't Say Negative Things About Their Look

Nobody likes to be put down and hear negative things about themselves. Positive criticism is fine in many situations, but negative comments or positive criticism is not needed when on a first date. In other words, if you cannot say anything nice to your date, then you probably shouldn't say anything at all or even be on that date. Regardless of what their body language says while you are saying negative things about their look, the chances are you won't land a second date. In other words, if you want a second date, then keep your lips sealed when it comes to saying negative, and that goes for anything remotely negative, about your date's looks.

Pay For The Date

This is a dead given, or it should be, but pay for your date, especially if you are hoping to get a second date with the person. Not paying for the first date just looks bad on so many different levels. It doesn't matter if you are just doing a little coffee date or at a 5-star restaurant, just pay for the coffee or meal, as this can make a huge impression on the person you are out on a date with. Even if your date is insistent on paying for half of the date, just don't allow it and pay for it. If you're serious about landing a second date, then don't mess things up by not paying for the first, regardless of how expensive or cheap the date is.

Don't Discuss Finances

Don't discuss your finances and don't bring up your date's finances. You are on your first date, not moving in with one another or planning on getting married, at least not yet. In other words, it is far to early to be discussing finances. If you do discuss your financial situation, then it might make your date run in the other direction or it may want them to get to know you for the wrong reasons, such as wanting to know you because you have money and solely because you have money. The best thing to do if you want a second date is to leave financial talk for another time, at least if that financial talks involves your financial situation or your date's.

Past Relationships Issues Should Be Left In The Past

Some people feel the need to dish out about their past relationships and go into every single possible detail about their past relationships. This can leave a very negative impression for your date, and this means getting a second date with them may be impossible. Do yourself a favor, and politely dodge any discussion about your past relationships, at least on the first date and don't be asking your date about their past relationships.

Follow these tips and you should be able to land a second date much easier.


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