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Relationships: Lesson Plan for Ages 12 to 18

Updated on July 9, 2018

A Lesson for Ages 12 to 18 (or For Anyone Who Never Learned How to Relationship)

Parents, teachers, and students are often missing a guide for living their relationships, and relationships can be tough. Knowing what to do can be confusing and even traumatic. This is a lesson for ages 12 to 18 but is also useful for adults who need some direction in their relationships. Learners will discover how to build and maintain boundaries with themselves, their family, and their community. There are opportunities to learn about yourself, help to discover how to create networks, and guidance for choosing a career path.



There are so many different kinds of relationships in our lives, and sometimes they can be tough to navigate. This lesson breaks relationships down into three main categories: family, friends, and community. Of course, there is enough to be said about each to fill a book, so view this more as a starting place. It is a big picture of the "forest". Once you have that, you can delve into whatever "trees" you need to focus on.


These are some of the people that might be in your life to protect and support you. Make sure you reach out to those you trust if you need protected or supported.
These are some of the people that might be in your life to protect and support you. Make sure you reach out to those you trust if you need protected or supported.


A functional family should teach you respect, responsibility, and how to set boundaries. Being respectful starts with a basic consideration of other people’s feelings. Responsibility starts with learning how to be accountable for something within one’s power – like taking care of your stuff and doing chores. Boundaries are what you will or will not allow.

Respect. Responsibility. Boundaries.
Respect. Responsibility. Boundaries. | Source


Friends are a prominent part of your support system and they can protect you as well.

Your friends are instrumental in developing your communication and listening skills. Friends are your support system outside of your family; or in some cases in place of your family. Those same friends can also be your network, but they don’t have to be. A network is more of a mutually beneficial relationship to enhance career opportunities. The book, How to Win Friends & Influence People, teaches you how to make friends, keep friends by communicating and listening well, and how to build a network of people who will back you up in your professional life. All three of these areas of friendship is crucial in building a support system that will be there for you throughout all life's ups and downs.


A community is a constant source of support and protection.

If you are down on your luck, there are many places in your community that you can go for support. Government and non-profit programs exist to help you with your basic needs so don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Of course, if you are not in need of such programs, then you might be in a situation to help others in your community. In fact, this is a position you should strive for. Using your talents and abilities in service to those in need is one of the greatest acts of human achievement. It is the reason philanthropists are held in such high esteem. No matter what your situation, stay involved and aware of what your politicians are doing, and always work toward behaving ethically in your job and in your personal life.


Take some time to view the following links, and click on the ones that interest you.


Check Yourself!

How are your relationships?

Use the checklist to determine if the relationships you have are healthy, or get some insight into yourself and your relationships by following these links:

6 ways you can have a healthy relationship with yourself: --

6 steps to build a healthy family

Healthy Relationships -

10 ways to build a healthy community:

Therapist Aid. Worksheets that guide you toward strong mental health -

Marriage Builders!!!! This along with therapy helped save our marriage. Recreational Enjoyment Inventory-

Kathy Caprino (some stuff is geared more toward women). This assessment can help you delve deep and forge a forward path. -

Belief-o-Matic – If you know where you stand on religion, tell me if this works out for you. If you don’t know, tell me if you are satisfied with the results.

List of tests psychologists use for just about everything. -


Take the polls below to see which of the links you should follow to improve your relationships. If you already checked them out in the explore section, go to the page again, and really get into it. Write out your thoughts, make some goals and an action plan, read more about how to improve the relationship. Best wishes to you!



At about 11 or 12 years of age, humans develop independent thought, and sometimes an inner dialogue develops that is negative. If a person doesn't correct this dialogue, relationships outside those with the self will be impacted. Take the poll below to determine if you need to work on your relationship with yourself. If you do, click the link to begin your self-healing journey.


Do you have a healthy relationship with yourself?

See results
Circumstances reveal us to ourselves. How you react to situations in life are who you are. Do you want to react in a negative way or a positive way? Do you want to be honorable? Do you want to spread joy? You decide.
Circumstances reveal us to ourselves. How you react to situations in life are who you are. Do you want to react in a negative way or a positive way? Do you want to be honorable? Do you want to spread joy? You decide.


Sometimes we don't have a whole lot of control over our family environments when we are children. Even as adult children, maintaining a healthy family environment can be a challenge. However, as a parent, control of the family dynamic is largely within your control. Make it positive and healthy. Take the poll below to see if your family life could use some adjusting. Click the link below the poll to begin your journey.


Do you have healthy family relationships?

See results

Friends and Partners

Outside of yourself and your family, you will form many other relationships. They are a little different than those you have with your family. If you choose the second option for any reason, consider following the link to learn what the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Friends and Partners Poll

Do you have healthy relationships with friends and your partner?

See results


How is your neighborhood? Take the poll to see if there are ways you can improve your community. If you choose the second option for any reason, consider following the link to find some ways you can create a close-knit neighborhood.


Which neighborhood most closely resembles your own?

See results
Life in a Small Town.
Life in a Small Town.


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      Nice blog!


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