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4 Easy Ways to Enhance Men Attraction to Women Faster

Updated on September 6, 2019

Attraction is what any human being craves for. But this attraction doesn't happen automatically, you have got to look or appear attractive for that to come to pass. An attractive woman is adored and full of self-confidence. Therefore men attraction to a woman has different dynamics for it to happen.

This is not surprising because as human beings what is attractive is good and worth it. This is why anyone who is considered attractive is more successful in life from career to relationships.

Attraction in relationships has to be biggest thing that bonds two people together. How you are attracted to that person does not only include his or her looks, there are other factors that play a big role.

A study published in Frontiers of Psychology says that people are able to discern a number of characteristics about a potential partner — including weight, dominance level, and emotional state — simply by listening to them speak.

The same study found that people are able to determine the same characteristics through smell. Yes, those brain chemicals that deal with physical attraction are prompted by not just sight, but sounds and smell as well.

To most men or a majority of them looks plays a big factor on where they would be willing to court you or not. But that isn’t the end of the story, yes you’ll have the looks but besides that who are you. Looking good is important but you aren’t worth the time or effort if you don’t bring more to the table.

So let’s check out these dynamics one by one.

  1. Your Authentic Smile.

New research from the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) recently discovered that smiling makes you seem courteous, likeable, and competent according to Psychology Today.

That smile that you rarely use can make that guy become so attracted to you that it will seem magical. Most people have forgotten how to smile all due to the many stresses and issue you got to deal with in a day.

Smiling has a great influence on how attractive you seem, are you a friendly person or not. If you can’t smile don’t expect any person from the opposite sex try to court you. But don’t fake it, that will just be worse, you don’t need to look like Britney Spears smiling. It will be awkward and everyone will sense that you are faking it.

In a Scandinavian study, it was found that people had difficulty frowning when they looked at other people who were smiling. So smile and be attractive makinng men attraction all possible.

2.Your Wonderful Eye-Contact

According to Daily Mail,eye contact of more than ten seconds between two people means one of two things: you’re about to fight or have sex (well, you want to anyway).

Prolonged eye contact produces intense emotional reactions regardless of whether it’s a fist or a pair of lips heading your way. Your eyes have more power than you give them credit for.

Use those eyes to find your partner or lover. Eyes are like a window to the soul but you aren’t using them for attraction purposes. Your beautiful eyes are what attractive and if you use them wisely are, being attractive will be a piece of cake.

Just don’t overdo it because you don’t want to cause any awkwardness or weirdness.

According to Forbes, as a general rule, though, direct eye contact ranging from 30% to 60% of the time during a conversation-more when you’re listening, less when you are speaking-should make for a comfortable productive atmosphere.

3. Your incredible walk.

How you walk has a big impact on how attractive you are considered or perceived. You want to scare guys and anyone near you, walks like a soldier who is ready to go to war. When you have this type of walk, you are rigid and mean looking. Nobody will want to mess with you.

On the contrary if you walk slow and steady seeming all relaxed, you are attractive. But that doesn’t mean if you are late for the next big deal or work don’t walk fast, do walk fast or you’ll lose that big opportunity.

According to Business Insider, researchers found that attractiveness is judged by how a person moves their body just as much as its shape and size. The most attractive walks usually involve a slight wiggle in the hips and short steps.

The findings suggest that attractiveness is judged by how a person moves their body. The most attractive walks usually involve a slight wiggle in the hips and short steps, according to the study. This will skyrocket men attraction towards you all because of your attractive walk.

4. Your Awesome Open Body Language.

Are you giving this vibe that you are closed off and not ready to interact with anyone? You have your arms folded together and you wonder why no guy is willing to chat up with you. What you are telling them is no don’t try or dare say a word to me. Maybe that’s what you want but I doubt it if you are still reading this article.

According to The Art of Charm, a girl that folds her arms or perhaps places a drink or bag in front of her chest is signalising a defensive posture that shows a lack of comfort and openness.

The opposite of this being when a girl unfolds her arms or moves that drink or bag to the side; it’s a sign of comfort and openness. Therefore this is a part of the body language of attraction.

You want that guy to be attracted to you, but maybe he is and your poor body language is screwing up your chances.


You now know what makes a woman attractive to man and you probably have all this factors but you don’t see guys showing any interest. That tells me that you’re already attractive. Let me burst your bubble, most guys are clueless or don’t know how this attraction thing works. But that doesn’t mean you give up on finding a great lover.

What these facets or factors are supposed to be are clues or hints for a guy to realise that you like him. That’s the advantage you have, guys are good at joining the dots or pieces together. He will see that you smile at him, give him good eye contact and the rest will just be history.

Do you think that these are what enhance men attraction? Do you know of any other factors I haven’t mentioned?

Then do share and tell in the comments section below. I would love to hear your thoughts. Also share this with your friends and family, sharing is caring.

Talk soon.

-Michael Kamenya


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