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Learning Your Smart Aleck's and Know-It-All's

Updated on July 9, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

Two Things I Must Tell You:

1.) The video below is about talk show host, Steve Harvey, a real person. In my hub, I accidentally-told you about a real smart alec, "Stevie," so I did not know until I was finished that my video had Harvey as the emcee.

2.) The term that I use in the hub toward the bottom: K.I.A., stands for Know-it-All and why? Simple. I got tired of having to type and retype the term, Know-it-all.

Just giving you a "hubs out." Sincerely, Kenneth


Have You Ever Met

a smart aleck? How about a know-it-all. In respect to the Human Race, I have. In my 23-years of working for various jobs, I knew plenty of smart alec's and know-it-all's almost n a daily-basis. Was it fun? Are you kidding me? I have to tell you . . .NO! These "relationships," were not cool, hip, or tolerant. They were in all honesty, very annoying, senseless and all were wastes of time. Like I said. I know.

The very first smart aleck was when I endured my year in second grade which was more than a concentration camp, but I was delivered when spring showed up. I just couldn't like my teacher, or was it my master? Anyway, my first deaing with a pure smart alec was not about my teacher, but a student named "Steve," and this is his real name and I will not honor HubPages, you, or myself to use his last name. But he was, in every bit the definiton, of a pure smart alec. His face was fashioned in the form of a smart alec with his eyebrows arched upward toward the middle. His eyes were half-shut and when he talked, he began with saying, "let me tell you something," then unload tirades about what I had asked the teacher about and how "he" would handle it.

In another time and dimension, if "Steve" had pulled some of his smart aleck antics, there were people in those days who did not tolerate such stupidity and he was quickly dealt with never to show-up anymore. I will tell you that each day that I had to face second grade, I cried to myself for hating the pain and torment in this "Room of Torture," and listen to "Steve" listen to his big mouth trying to impress the lower-class students like me and a few others. I knew where I came from, and "Steve" was forever reminding me of just how high on the Food Chain that he was and how I had to grovel for crumbs at the bottom.

Look Closely. If A Smart Alec or a KNow- it-All Looks Like This, Beare.
Look Closely. If A Smart Alec or a KNow- it-All Looks Like This, Beare. | Source

These Are A Few of "Steve's"

characteristics: always speaking-up before our teacher could point to another student who also had their name up to answer the teacher’s question. Our teacher would be trying to explain a topic to help us learn, but wait a minute! “Steve” would always interrupt and start yakking on things that did not apply to the teacher’s lecturing. And on and on it went. I was only seven and did not know anything about Heaven or Hell, but even at this young age, I thought that (the way I was being treated), surely I had been sent to Hell for something really bad that I had done.

The reasons that “Steve” got away with his rebellious attitude was that his parents were well-to-do citizens of my hometown—prominent and respected, so if their son was a little mischievous and the teacher did scold him, all he had to do was cry to his parents and they would tell the School Board and have the teacher fired. And if you think that this was bad, our time in second grade only got worse by the week.

But, as life goes on, so did the years that dragged-away with “Steve,” the rest of our class, and sadly, yours truly. Every day it was the same. Just bear “Steve,” the near-professional blow-it-all, windbag, he only got worse. The bigger the subject, the bigger his mouth. And neither me or “Steve” ever made a trusting-friendship—which did not cost me any sleep and I even (crawled) a few times to make friends with this jerk, but he only hung-out with the Elite of our class. He thrived on them.

Smart Alec's Have Mouths Like Grand Canyon.
Smart Alec's Have Mouths Like Grand Canyon. | Source

here are just a few of the ways that “Mr. Smart Alec,“Steve”) differs from a Know-if-All and let me just say that one or all of these items just might save you from either, a smart-aleck and know-it-all, and let you continue your great day:

  • Know-it-All’s WILL back down, but only if YOU stand your ground. Here are just a few examples of what YOU can say to defend yourself:
  • “Can you prove it?” Calling for a know-it-all to prove the truth of his asinine statements about (him) having proof that Neil Armstrong IS his dad, will cause the K.I.A. (know-it-all) to stutter, slur his words, and start kicking the ground to show his ignorance. Another sharp come-back is: “How do you know, were you there?” and between these two questions, the K.I.A. will leave you alone.
  • Know-it-all’s do not know how to not do anything when YOU stand your ground. Example: Know-it-all charges to you and babbles about your wife not being as good as his third wife, and you do not say one word. You simply stand-up, look angry, (very angry like an irritated Grizzly), then stand into his face and stare into his eyes. And wait. In a moment, the K.I.A. will make a flimsy excuse about being somewhere important and run away. But this, like the other three items, has to be followed to the letter.
  • My foe, “Steve” was, sadly, a mixture of both, the Smart Alec and sometimes, a Know-it-All, but with a sneer and an uppity look on his face. This was how he sold his Know-it-All, Smart Alec image. I can never remember witnessing him ever being without something to say—the stupid and unfounded lived in his mouth and scattered by his two friends, his two “bully” lips.
  • My last defense against Know-it-All’s is really very simple. First, when the K.I.A. gets in your space then insults you, stand immediately, say nothing, and shove him below his chin into the chest. This swift and sure move will NOT cause you any trouble. You see, the Know-it-All’s mindset are NOT equipped to deal with a strong defense, so they will back-off.
  • And . . .(if all of these items fail) . . .say NOTHING when a Smart Alec or Know-it-All attacks you. Both will spout-out off several empty threats and then sneer while you just grin and stand still. The pay-off is this: always know that the Smart Alec and Know-it-All are much like a raging forest fire and sooner or later, both will burn-out.

This concludes my piece about “Coping With Smart Alec’s and Know-it-All’s,” so if you know of any folks named “Steve,” you can now walk in peace and confidence because you have THIS hub as your defense.

P.S. this hub was NOT written in any sleazy, back room night club somewhere in Cuba.

July 8, 2019________________________________________________

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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