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Learning from experiences, going through sloths, to get to tigers in relationships.

Updated on October 15, 2012

Intelligence, brings great health.


The original saying is something like, "You have to kiss a frog, to get to a prince."

I learn from experiences.

I have made mistakes in life and I think the biggest mistakes in the past, are the type of men I had chosen to be around.

I am not sorry to say, but I prefer a man with a high intelligence any day to a man that has no concept of what life is about, stimulation of the mind, is such a great turn on.

To be able to have great conversations about anything and everything, is very freeing, especially when you feel like you can converse while expressing your thoughts with deep convictions, without feeling like your condemned for whatever is on your mind.

Opening your mind and wanting to never stop learning about the world is something you want to keep doing.

Exploring and examining new subjects, and topics, while letting your mind absorb everything you can like a sponge, will enhance you as a human being.

If your closed minded, you will miss out on all the wonders of the world.

To have new experiences, can liven and brighten, your inner spirit and inner child.

If you able to experience new things and new places, it is a blessing.

When a man has no mind, it just stifles my growth, in learning, and I can not wrap my thoughts in thinking, how on earth, was I around any man, that had no deep thoughts, or no depth to themselves?

I know my answer;

It was because I could only be at a certain plateau that would achieve nothing and would not get me anywhere in life as I wanted to expand my sense of worth through knowledge, because to be around the existence of men, that had no clue of what they were talking about, kept me on their level, which they had no high intelligence.

How can you have deep conversations with any man, that has subcumed to his own environment and own surroundings, without any knowledge of what the world is about?

Knowledge is obtained, when asking questions and seeking what truths are.

Knowledge is not something being yelled at you, just cause someone says information, about anything, doesn't mean it is right.

I was only listening, to them, through my heart and not with my mind.

Well I know better now.

On top of it, to add insult to my own "injuries", the men that I associated with, some of their relatives, weren't highly intelligent at all, and would speak as an authority figure, (because they were older, thinking they were right, but they were just "old", and stuck in their pathetic lives of misery and unhappiness, looking to make anybody around them miserable), were the most uneducated people, who passed on their uneducated, mental thoughts, and it kept the men,I associated with, really kind of "dumbed" down.

I don't mean within the past few years, this is going way back.

I think another thing, what is important to me, is physical fitness, which does help you to become well rounded.

Even though I have been slacking off a little bit, I already know that physical fitness is one of the most important things that you must do for yourself.

Actually, it isn't the fact of becoming the most, supreme, fittest human being, but the fact, that it is important to do this for yourself.

You might wonder why I think it is more important, to workout and to have an intelligent mind, and not just one or the other, because both, is because, it is a "Necessity" and not something that doesn't matter, cause it does.

In the long run, if you don't take care of yourself, today, you will end up suffering in the long run.

From learning about other cultures, knowing that in China, Tai Chi is a way of life, (which is a martial art) people tend to live, well into the age of 100, healthy and happy, with basic needs.

If you think about it, if you don't have your health, you actually don't have much of anything, because without health, "money" won't buy you happiness, cause everything does start off with having, great health.

I already know, when your health is not good, it tends to lead to having complications and people's bodies will break down, even people who are in their 20's and 30's and having operations on knees and having bad hearts, bad back problems and other problems, must not be a fun way to live.

I also do know that, when you are around, people who are negative, it indeed will make you really, very sick, and that is what I learned to stay away from.

It seems being around the most positive people, in the world, I have become healthier, well again, it is because of their intelligence, that is why, they are healthier and they want to help me, in becoming healthier and more intelligent, so I am indeed thankful for that.


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