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Why You Need to Talk From The Heart

Updated on August 13, 2015
Leave Me to My Denial
Leave Me to My Denial | Source

Learn to Talk from the Heart

For many men throughout the world, the fear of rejection is one of the most powerful negative influences that can and does destroy the potential of any relationship. Perhaps it is the way men are wired that allows self doubt and lack of confidence to erode their many opportunities in life to truly believe, or know what to search for in regards to finding mutual happiness.

Generally, unlike women, men often don't feel comfortable expressing themselves intimately or emotionally to their peers. As a result, that inability to strive towards making themselves openly able to be understood and accepted for who they really are 'inside' often creates in itself a whole new raft of hangups or baggage. Denial. That place where no man believes he is wrong! It is a mental space that magically provides all the tools it takes to build a barrier, a set of excuses, hollow reasons for not trying, or a blueprint of self justification for withdrawing or shunning the very thing that he needs.

Ironically, inwardly those who allow that bad habit to develop often tend to know, that being loved and being in love, would help cure the pains of low self esteem and any nagging uncertainty they harbor within a belief of 'not being good enough' to deserve the love offered. A smart women sees right through self pity, excuses and denial. She will only accept his potential as a mate, if he is honest enough to genuinely love her at the expense of completely giving up any selfish need, to cling to the loneliness of his self pity and denial. A smart man projects his truest potential when he learns to listen, believe, compromise and speak from the heart. How hard is it really - being truly, blatently honest with yourself?

Happiness is Very Contagious!

Resolve | Source

Don't Concede Completely...

'Leave Me to My Denial'

A foreboding sadness gathers

spreading mistily across my today

enveloping and staining

the fluidity of calm reason

It seems driven by determination

far stronger than my understanding

or my will to stop it, to not let it have

it’s more powerful way with my solo plans

It has come to me defiantly upon

a howling yellowish-grey wind carrying gifts

of unwelcome anguish coated in icy thoughts

the ghost of fate, and sticky pine pollen

Coldly my world is being transformed

completely clouded, unfamiliar to me

In boldness slain, it now seems

painted in hews disowned for their insipidness

Oh how this relentless determination shows the ease

of its ability to choke loneliness’ sepia freedom

Now at full gallop through every raw, gaping crack

found within the walls of what had once been possible

And thus, the relevance of my denial lies expired

beside the door, no longer moving and evidentiary coated

in yellow pollen, chalking a fallen once proud soul

marking where a future forest, has now been spawned

Very well then take my fading, granular concession

I miss you too and perhaps, in time more vibrantly colored

I will truly if not freely, realize how much along with how

to best remove the bloodstains of a denial’s demise

For I deeply abhor being so helplessly overwhelmed

and completely incapable of avoiding

the strident ways, you know and take my heart…

*~ Pearldiver ~

Copyright © 2015 Art of the Diver with all rights reserved.

Never Fear Peace of Mind, Peace of Heart, or Peace in Self Belief

Peace of my Heart
Peace of my Heart | Source

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    • Pearldiver profile image

      Rob Welsh 2 years ago from Tomorrow - In Words & NZ Time.

      Yes indeed, you are right as always Ruby... it's an important aspect of the communication process that becomes more appealing and special, the more people choose not to. Withdrawal and loneliness are equally heartfelt to those who dwell in the perception and cycle of negative self image, yet often it only takes the will to change to make that change and enjoy the confidence of knowing that there are so many around them that actually care but won't intrude on or reject them. Everyone has something positive to offer the world, what better way to deliver it but from the heart. Cheers for taking the time Ruby, glad you enjoyed this piece.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 2 years ago from Southern Illinois

      This is beautifully written with words of wisdom. When someone writes or talks from the heart it is heartfelt.