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Lessons I Have Learned: Participative Learning & Outsider Perspectives

Updated on November 11, 2022
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Reginaldo is an educator, a father, and a frustrated pilot. Hope his play on words will elevate you higher and make you feel better.

Lessons I Have Learned

There are certain lessons in life we could only learn through personal experience, through participation, or an outsider perspective. We can tell or keep them to ourselves.
There are certain lessons in life we could only learn through personal experience, through participation, or an outsider perspective. We can tell or keep them to ourselves. | Source

Lessons I Have Learned: An Experiential Learning


While I was conducting a research study about South Koreans living in Angeles City some 10 years ago, I met a very interesting young man named Lee. Then only 10, he said that in friendship, it is very difficult to develop a true relationship with smart people. He explained that smart people do not give their complete trust to another; they also do not exhibit complete loyalty as they are afraid that a FRIEND may later turn FIEND. In his defense, he said he would rather mingle and make friends with the ordinary ones. He compared people with watches: ordinary watches are simple and easy to handle or use ----- basic; the complicated ones are expensive and almost impossible to fix when broken.

LESSON: As I look back at my personal relationship with people, I realized that the boy gave me something profound. I have surrendered trying to invest many emotions in smart people because I am sure many, if not all of them, will easily leave. When I want an easy life and the basic ways to have a great time, I just need to hang out with the not-so-smart ones. So far, life has been much happier and easier than ever before.

[RGSuyom: August 19, 2010/Angeles City]


A LESSON ON ATTRIBUTION: What I Learned from A Cheating Student

Almost a decade ago, I was teaching at a popular university here in Angeles City when I challenged my class of freshmen students to do an impromptu speech on any random topic the class would pick. I promised to EXEMPT in the Final Exam anyone who can deliver an ORIGINAL at least three-minute speech. A gentleman stood up and took the challenge. In his conclusion, everyone was really impressed for he even spoke in Old English, except one. I wrote on the board A KNIGHT'S TALE and saw how his countenance suddenly changed. Following the dismissal, I asked why he did not ATTRIBUTE the entire piece to the movie. He retorted that what he had delivered was all original; I told him otherwise and that he would fail if he would not tell his classmates about the crime he just did. He did not yield and went on his way. Sadly, he never showed up anymore in class till the semester ended because of the shame of having to tell everyone that he pretended.

LESSON: I learned from this experience that a few would go to great lengths for the sake of ephemeral popularity. We all hate thieves, so do not be one. If you like or agree with something that was mentioned, written, or sung by someone, ATTRIBUTE IT to the source. This is a mark of professionalism and of good character.

[RGSuyom [April 01, 2019 @ 3 pm: Angeles City]



wor•thy [wúree]
1. deserving: fully deserving of something, usually as a suitable reward for merit or importance
2. respectable: morally upright, good, and deserving of respect
3. good but dull: having good qualities, good intentions, or the best of motives, but being boring and pedestrian

What is being WORTHY?

A WORTHY man, in spite of being torn inside between two opposite forces: good and evil, will choose to bridle his passion, seek anything that is good, and magnify his positive thoughts so much so that he embodies all that is beautiful and righteous. It is a matter of choice and wants, not of need and force. Such individuals who strive to be worthy personify the following higher processes and methods: altruism, consecration, meekness, attribution, resiliency, and perseverance.

In a nutshell, a worthy man is not just good but RIGHTEOUS.

Being worthy means:
1. marshaling all emotions
2. abolishing any carnal thought
3. forgetting the weaknesses of others
4. seeing his own nothingness
5. embodying the highest form of love
6. exhibiting initiative and humor
7. aligning one’s life to that of the Master’s

LESSON: I learned that being 'worthy' is easier said than done, as it has always been in tapping the 'better part of us or in appealing to our 'better nature' to be more dominant. After I was asked to help someone write about this attribute, I began to introspect and realized how unworthy I have been especially to the people who have been more than willing to be a friend to me. At times, I often ask myself, thinking out loud, if I have been worthy of someone's trust, kindness, generosity, respect, and love. For the most part, I often think I am not good enough...

[RGSuyom: August 21, 2012 @10:50pm/Angeles City]


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