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Lessons on Family, Love and Marriage

Updated on April 9, 2012

This Easter I stepped out of my comfort zone and in the process I got to learn a few new lessons and remember some old ones. All of them centered around love, family and friends. Been the workaholic that I am I planned to spend most of the Easter holiday working but fate conspired as it usually does to mess up my plans. Thankfully, it was in a rather pleasant way.

Family Unity: Abstract African Art Painting by Injete Chesoni
Family Unity: Abstract African Art Painting by Injete Chesoni | Source

The Story Behind the Family Unity Art Piece and This Article

One of the events I attended over Easter was a wedding anniversary party where I met a potential client, I gave him one of my business cards and in the process remembered that I had not updated my blog in a while. So when I got home I decided to update my blog and tried to think which of my art pieces I had not posted yet. As it so happens one of the few art pieces which I had not posted was Family Unity. This art piece was created for another client who had commissioned an African Mask art piece from me last year. He was very pleased with the piece and requested I do another one for him this time centered around the theme of family. So I told him I would work on a few concepts and this Abstract African painting of Family Unity was the first idea I came up with. After posting it on my blog last night I was inspired to write an article on family and the lessons I learned this Easter. Yes, even a hardened cynic can melt at the sight of a newborn baby and a couple in love.

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Lesson One: Children are a Blessing

A few days ago my mother reminded my cousin and I that children are a blessing. As usual this erupted into a debate between us younger folk and her. Having observed enough cases of really troublesome children who cause their parents grief right into their adult years I reminded my mother that there are no guarantees in life and children are not always a blessing. Well a few days later fate and my mother conspired to prove me wrong. A good friend of ours gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Thursday morning so I spent part of Good Friday visiting with her and her family. The reason why this was remarkable for me was because my friend is in her late thirties, she has been very successful career-wise and like most of us she began child birth rather late. So it was inspiring to see this truly wonderful friend of ours give birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl. The minute I saw her beautiful new born baby the rather hardened cynic in me melted and I was reminded once again in the span of less than a week that children are a blessing. As I sat in the hospital room with her cousin, my sister and some of her friends (one of whom came in with her gorgeous toddler) I was also reminded that friends and family are a blessing.

Lesson Two: Marriage is a Blessing and Chivalry is Not Dead

This is another topic that often evokes debate between my mother and I. My own experiences and what I have observed of society around me have made me doubt that great institution called marriage. Having said that, let me stress that I am what one would call an extremely content, happy single woman. In fact so content am I in my single life that I often worry myself and those around me. Surely there must be something wrong with me since I do not yearn to join the club of married folks and in fact often pity them. Well once again this Easter fate conspired with my mother (I insist) to reveal to me the joys of marriage and what I may be missing out on. My sister was invited to a party on Easter Sunday by one of her friends and she asked me to come along. I thought it would be rather interesting to meet people from another country so I crept out of my comfort zone and agreed to accompany her to the party. Whenever I am tempted to say no to something I always examine why then force myself to do whatever it is I am reluctant to do, because many times my resistance is a consequence of wanting to stay in my comfort zone. Well I was really glad I went to the party. I got to meet some interesting people from various countries but that is not the reason I was glad. The party was a wedding anniversary and it was so touching to see the love between my sister’s friend and his wife. Here was this extremely successful yet loving, charming, African man professing in public his love for his wife and how blessed he was that he had found her. As he said, if he came back to earth fifty times he would choose the same woman. His wife was equally loving but what touched me and most of us was the love her husband had for her and his public celebration of it. I was also moved by the respect for family I saw all around me and the splattering of ancient Nigerian culture in the midst of a modern day world. I saw fathers taking care of their children, loving married couples and men treating women with chivalry and respect. I never had to get myself a drink (in a world where I have gotten used to doing that) our host and his Eritrean friend (both of whom are professionally successful, respected African men) made sure we got our drinks. I never had to get myself a chair and as though that were not enough the couple celebrating their anniversary gave each of us gifts at the end of the party. At the end of that refreshing experience I was reminded of the beauty of love and the great institution of marriage which is born out of it.

My mother would be pleased to learn that by the time this Easter was over I was inclined for once to agree with her that marriage and children are a blessing.


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