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Let Gravity Fail Us.

Updated on March 15, 2011

Let Gravity Fail Us.




Cherished are the

heartfelt emotions,
wrapped in your arms,
carried to a place

only lovers know,
amidst the isles

of loneliness,
we bask in

warm sun

and devour
the fruits of

ripe passion.

Churlish are

the barbed words
of angst that

separate us
from the bonds

sewn by love,
threads ripped asunder,
backs coldly turned
we huddle in

patchwork despair.

Till the torrents of bitterness
drive us back to each other
and bid us find comfort
in the shelter of each others
warmth once more.

What a teeter-totter

love can be,
to young souls

exerting equal efforts
to raise each other to heights
beyond their fondest expectations,
only to leave one at the bottom
wallowing earthbound

in their sorrow,
while the other floats unaware
even while staring

down at the sequestration.

Lovers must find balance,
and equally strive to hold it,
laughing at the wonder of it all,
as gravity fails them.


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