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Let's Fix It and Make It Right

Updated on September 1, 2010
Hold Me and Just Say It!
Hold Me and Just Say It!

Talking Does Work!

Just say it!

Why would we always inhibit ourselves?

I thought about you today…

Just say it!

That dinner was really good…

Just say it!

You lost a little weight…

Just say it!

I want to be with you forever…

Just say it!

I’m sorry…

Just say it!

You were right…

Just say it!

Why is it we look to the other person to be the one to just say it? This is what break down the lines of communication in a relationship, everyone is waiting and it never gets said.

He or she has left and you want so badly to ask them to come back, time begins to pass without a word being uttered. Both sides wait and let resentment build up, how childish. Just say it… Please come home.

One suggests doing something where the other is adamant on doing it their way. Well it goes wrong; you make excuses and blame others for the failure. You’re to prideful; you know pride comes before a crash. Be humble, just say it… I was wrong your way would have been better; we’ll try it that way the next time.

Some of us have to be in such control to your own and sometimes our families detriment. It’s ok to share those responsibilities; each person has their own expertise, use it to your benefit. Just say it… I think you have good ideas, what do you suggest in this instance.

Why is it so hard to put that ego aside and show you can, just say it. Why hold back your feelings, it’s inside of you anyway, why not let it out? Always think, how would I feel if that person said that to me? That would make you happy. So make someone else happy. You make a statement and your mate accuses you of being insensitive or non-caring. You know that’s not how you meant it, but, instead you argue back. The argument intensifies and goes somewhere it never should of. Especially since all the time all you had to say was, you really took that wrong, that is definitely not how I meant it. Just say it!

You come home and your mate doesn’t greet you the way you think they should have. You feel they have an attitude, when really they are tired because they had a hard day the same way you did. But, you get an attitude and now everyone is upset. When all you had to say was, hey you’re awfully quiet that not usual for you, everything ok? Just say it!

You had a disagreement with your mate. It got pretty intense, now no one is speaking. You two are in a car or at home alone, thoughts flying through your head because you know the disagreement began because of someone or something else. You want it to be over. Just say it… Hey listen let’s not fight over this, I think it got out of hand.

Just say it, whatever it may be trust it’s not so hard. Put pride, ego, hurt or resentment aside. Learn, to forgive and forget. Remember how many times you have prayed for forgiveness yourself. Make sure you give to others what you expect for yourself.

Look at your loved one and take a chance and, Just Say It!!!


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    • Erin LeFey profile image

      Erin LeFey 7 years ago from Maryland

      Beautiful hub, and so true! Communication is key to all relationships, and no one is a mind reader. Love is all about expressing what is in your heart and soul. Namaste'

    • profile image

      Justsilvie 7 years ago

      Excellent Hub! Thank you.