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Let's Keep It Real - The Rebuttal

Updated on May 4, 2011

After reading my hub, How I Met My True Love my husband felt it necessary to set the story straight. Even though I am posting his rebuttal I am in no way agreeing with its contents but there are always two sides to EVERY story...

Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara


Where to begin? While sitting home one day browsing the Internet I happened upon a blog which seemed eerily similar to the chance meeting I had with my now wife, Triplet Mom. You might have read this hub I am talking about and if you haven’t it is, How I Met My True Love. Now I am not saying that this story is totally inaccurate but please there are two sides to every story and in this brief endeavor I intend to tell you how it really happened.


On the night in question I was out with my friend and for the sake of the story we will call him Todd.  It is true that my friend and I were at the Beach Shack in Santa Barbara it was a boy’s night out because we were both friends with the lead singer of the band who had requested our presence there. The lead singer wanted us to hear the bands new songs and to catch up.  It is true that my wife and her assumed friend were standing no more than 3 feet in front of us but I must add that they were gyrating suggestively to the music.  It was quite obvious to us that they were on the prowl.  So my friend taps me and states that the woman in front of me aka my future beloved wife had noticed me numerous times. She is trying to act now like she did not even notice my presence there but it is obvious to me the strong attraction she felt. I immediately surveyed the situation and surmised that it was “on for me”. So I leaned down and in my most polite and mannered way asked if she would accompany me to the dance floor, to which she responded by looking me up and down and saying no.  As I stated before I was at the club to hear my friend play music not to be picking up women, because we had declared that it was a guy’s night out early on.



So as the evening progressed and the band took a break I reestablished my relationship with the band including my friend.  After hearing many stories of his travels the band went into a montage of songs of which I was quite familiar. I was driven by the rhythms of the songs and ample amount of beer to dance.  I won’t compare my dancing abilities to a professional dancer but I get the job done. While I was dancing I was noticing over my shoulder that my future wife was unable to take her eyes off of me. So I did what any gentleman would do I asked her a second time to join me on the dance floor. As we swayed back and forth I couldn’t help but notice that I kept getting bumped so I turned to find my dear sweet neighbor who had just been abandoned by her boyfriend so being the caring neighbor that I am I turned around to console her.  Totally unaware of the situation my future beloved felt that I had in turn abandoned her but that was far from the truth. 

To make a long story short the evening progressed my friend and I having drinks and making our way around the club.  Later on I noticed that the future light of my life was talking to my friend so I walked over to listen to their discussion it was about sports. Now this discussion intrigued me because she knew what she was talking about and carried the conversation incredibly well. Over numerous beers we discussed sports teams as well as our philosophies of competitions.  The evening wore down and it was time for me to go. So the woman I live and breathe for walked us to the front door where my car (a short convertible) was parked. While we were saying our goodbyes she told us that she and her roommates were having a party the following night she thought we might enjoy. She then stated that she wanted to give us her number and that we should give her a call. So I pulled out my pen and paper as I was in the driver’s seat no more than a few inches away from her.  Using the pen and paper she writes her number down at this time I am feeling on top of the world but oh was that world to come crashing down on me in a matter of seconds. I anticipated her handing the number to me but alas she reached all the way across me and handed her number to my friend and said call me.  I was shocked to say the least as was my friend, we held our tongues as she disappeared back into the club and Todd turned to me and said, “What happened?” He was wondering why she gave him her number. I was dumbfounded, confidence low, esteem shattered I shrugged my shoulders and pulled away from the curb. And that is how the evening started.


Later as Todd and I reached our home we replayed the evening’s events. Each time coming to the same conclusion confused by what had happened and wondering why she gave Todd the number. As we sat there trying to figure out how to fix this situation thinking that it might have been a misunderstanding, we came up with a remedy that in some eyes could be consider juvenile; a drinking game in which the last one standing would take the number and call. Needless to say I emerged victorious and being drunk did not notice the time. I called her and we agreed to a meeting, I took her to the beach and we enjoyed each others conversation as the sun rose.

Now much has been said about my character or lack there of, I would personally like to state that after such an enchanting evening that I was more than driven to make contact again with my future wife to be. Upon repeated attempts to contact her I was informed by her roommates that there was to be no party and that “you know who” could not be reached. I did not need to have it written on the wall to understand that she was not interested and that I was being blown off by her roommates. It is true that a year passed and my heart did eventually mend. In that year I had broken my leg (but that is another story) and while sitting home alone one night I decided to go out and just watch people dancing and having fun. I was at a club on crutches when low and behold as I am maneuvering through the club “what’s her name” is coming straight towards me. Being a good guy I prepared myself to say hello but was immediately surprised by the expression on her face as she spotted me and immediately turned around and walked away. It was painfully obvious that my presence there made her uncomfortable seeing as I was in no condition to dance I decided to leave; I turned around totally oblivious that the club was circular and headed towards the door. Once again we were face-to-face we were forced to acknowledge each other, talked a little, had a drink then she walked me to my car and we have been together ever since.

So as you can see there are two sides to every story and as you probably guessed by now mine is the correct one.

Lifehouse - First Time


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