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Letting Go of Bad Relationships

Updated on April 23, 2015

Relationships- Letting Go


Over the centuries people have treasured happy relationships and too often found themselves in a position where letting go of the relationship was the only option. The art of doing this has yet to become easier. People always say,” just let it go,” but it is never as simple as that. The other party may not want to be with you, but it is still hard to let go. The idea of being rejected and left alone is never an acceptable feeling for the strongest person. People tend to hold on even if the relationship is not good for them. It is simply more comfortable to hang on, comfortable; not really. Rationalizing the bad behavior of others towards us becomes a day to day exercise. Sadly, some people do not value themselves. So, they hold on to a nonproductive relationships.

One of the first steps in getting out of a relationship is to decide that you are willing to go through the pain. We often stay in situations because we do not want to feel the pain of pulling away. We enjoy continuity, stability and never seem to understand the effect of change. It is so difficult to pull away and do something new. Breaking away is equitable to having a serious part of you snatched away. You are not prepared to let go. Although you may subconsciously know the signs are there. You are still not ready to acknowledge that the relationship is over. So there you are with that horrible feeling of painful shock and surprise.

Sometimes people want things so badly they are unwilling to see what is really going on. They do not care that it is not good for them. The unhappy situation is made worse when one becomes so accustomed to being treated badly they don’t know the difference. Once pulled into the situation, getting out gets harder. However, letting go of a relationship starts a person to realize they deserve better. Suddenly a person begins to understand they do not want to make the other party unhappy by holding on.

Letting go of a relationship requires will power and a great deal of care for you. You must ask yourself if you are worthy of love or do you want to treat yourself badly and remain in a relationship where you are not getting all of the love and care that you deserve. It is very easy to allow yourself to accept anything, to feel you are not a valuable part of a relationship. If you are uncaring toward ourselves it is very easy for others to treat you with callous behavior.

No one walks out of a relationship without bruises. Some just carry more scars than others, but once you are out of the relationship you realize that you are not as broken as you thought you would be. Understand, you have programmed yourselves into staying in a relationship, not at all good for you. This is not a situation that developed overnight. After letting go of the relationship, if you will only allow yourself to look around, you will find you can slowly put together the pieces of your life; one step at a time.

Taking Care Of You

When we take good care of ourselves we take good care of others that come in contact with us. If we are rested we are kinder and more tolerant of the short comings of others. Where you nice to yourself today? Did you do your nails, did you soak your feet, and did you buy yourself a cup of coffee? What did you do nice for yourself today.

Being nice to yourself is not about being selfish it is about being a better you. When there are better YOU’S around that means the world has just that many more chances of being an OK place to live in. It means there are that many more OK kids to grow up in our neighborhoods. So ladies you must be very good to yourselves and demand that the people you come in contact with are good to you too, accepts nothing less.

You are worthy of kindness and love. You are worthy of a chance to be the best you can be. Anyone or anything telling you something different is not talking to you. Do not allow people who do not love themselves to infect you with their self destructive behavior. Remember they are keeping themselves afloat by standing on your shoulders.


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