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Letting the Bad Boy Go

Updated on October 6, 2014

Love can be a wonderful feeling however it hurts when the person you love does not return the same feelings. When you come across the bad boy and fall for him that is the hardest. You could do anything but he will just make you feel that you are not good enough.

Some girls say they want a bad boy but they have to know that it is not like it is in the movies. The bad boy will not change all of a sudden just because he met you. He won't be in a relationship because you came along.

Bad boys do not change. You could do everything and anything for him but if he is a jerk he will just keep being a jerk. You will find youself emotionally exhusted because you are trying so hard to win his affection.

The only thing the bad boy will do is break your heart. He will use you when he wants something. He will take advantage of your kindness.

You doing things for him out of love will make him feel that you will do anything for him. He will take advantage of you and always go to him because he knows that you will do it anyway.

The bad boy will ignore you when he is with his friends or around another girl. He could know you but treat you like you don't exhist.

The bad boy could humilate you in public. He will talk down to you and make you feel as if you are not good enough.

You are good enough and you have to see that. You have to get your mind off the bad boy and start focusing on a guy who will put you first. There are guys out there who know how to treat a girl but if you keep hanging around the bad boy you will miss out on the wonderful things that the good guy has to offer you.

What you need to do is get this guy out of your life. Get rid of all of his contact info. It may be hard to do but it is the step that you need to take in order to move on.

Sometimes when we love the wrong person the feelings will always stay with us. We have to know we have those feelings but know that we cannot go on like this. You are not living if you are surrounding yourself with someone who is constnatnly bringing you down.

Ask yourself do you want to keep getting treated like this? You could be the perfect girl but if it is not there it is not there.

Some bad boys have the perfect girl in their life and they overlook her. They have a girl who is; good looking, kind and the perfect girlfriend. Instead of giving her a chance they give the girl who is unattractive and will cheat on him a chance.

You do not deserve to be around someone who makes you feel like that. Life is too short to be around someone who makes your life miserable.

Focus on yourself and get the strength to let this guy go. It may hurt and it may be hard but if someone loves you they will not make you cry. If someone loves you they will not be ashamed of you. If someone loves you they will not take advantage of you. If someone loves you, they will put you first and not second.

Get rid of the bad boy and leave your heart open for the good guy. That is he guy that is worth dating. The good guy is the one that you could trust and will be there for you through thick and thin.

That is what relationships are about. Being there through thick and thin. So be strong, put this guy in your past and focus on yourself. Then when you least expect it you will be with someone who will put you on a pedestal and treat you the way that you deserve to be treated. Every girl needs a guy who will make them feel amazing and as if she is the only girl in the world.

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