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Life's Journey's: Angels Are on the Way

Updated on July 6, 2020
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Seven years ago I began work on this article. And as I reread it and touch it up a little bit I realize that I believe in Angels now more than ever. In these uncertain times that we're living in right now in 2020, it is comforting to know that an Angel is nearby.

Angelic Aura??

No need to try to explain this amazing beauty to me
No need to try to explain this amazing beauty to me | Source

One of my Angels is with me all of the time....I have NO doubt about it

Hawthorne FL:
Hawthorne, FL 32640, USA

get directions

Right here in this little town one of my Angels saved me from being hit by a speeding car three days ago

One morning when the sun had ascended and the dew still lingered, celestial Angels visited me. In the photo you can see their beautiful aura as they made themselves known to me.

A calm settled over me and I knew that this visit was a way to let me know that whatever may come, they were there just as they have always been.

The encounter lasted only a few brief minutes but it will remain with me throughout my lifetime. I had never been visited in this manner ever, before that day. And it was a moment that remains a comforting and hopeful experience reminding me that no matter how difficult life's challenges become that none of us is ever alone.

There ARE Angels Among Us....

Do you believe in Angels?

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What is an Angel??

Turning to a dictionary on line or one you may have in your home you will find angel defined asa celestial being, a messenger...

Volumes have been written in an effort to explain, seraph, angels, or celestial beings. Those who approach it from a religious standpoint tell us that angels are of God, from God.

For your life, translate them to mean what they may. For I believe that Angels come to us no matter what our connection to religion or lack of connection to religion may be.

To me an Angel is that presence that keeps hope alive and lifts some of life's dark moments from our lives. We are not alone to face anything that comes our way...they come to bring peace and strength and they come in many forms to our lives.

She became an Angel of a lifetime for me....

My Momma as a young girl
My Momma as a young girl | Source

It is by suffering that human beings become angels.

— Victor Hugo

No boundaries ...

Angels are those who reach out to us whether they are right beside us or whether they are across town or across the world from us. They are the ones who offer to us whatever it is we may need to calm our soul and ease our discomfort and assure us all will be well.

They lift us up even on the days when all is well with our lives on our little corner of the world. And sometimes Angels are those that we have never met and may never meet.

Caring for another and sharing goodness and uplifting words does not need to happen face to face. We can connect with others though time and distance separate us. Angels have no boundaries...they find us wherever we may be.

Carrie Sang of Angels on American Idol

Carrie Underwood sang of angels in her finale on American Idol.

One of the lines contains the words...'my dream came true'...and while the song refers to her dream of love, no doubt, she looks back on this song and feels Angels did bring her perform and to make her dream become a reality.

Awesome song....and look how her life has changed.

Carrie's Angel Song....

The sweet little brunette was the first Angel in my life....


Trying to Explain Away Angels

In this video a person tries to explain away Angels.

And you know what, it does not matter to me HOW they are explained, in my mind, they are Angels and they come to us...of that I am certain.

Experiences With Angels...We are Left to Draw Our Own Conclusions


Angels will find you...

Thinking about others I do not know for certain but I feel pretty sure that each of us will encounter some misfortune, some unexpected twist in the road that is totally unexpected. It may be one that leaves us shattered, afraid, and seemingly alone.

Just know that Angels will find you. They will. At the least expected moment, when it seems we may be at our lowest point, Angels will find you.

From that point on your lives will remain connected whether you realize it or not.

Not a sappy angel who is all fluff and surreal, but one who knows your pain, your uncertainty, and your need for just an encouraging word. And while these Angels of whom I speak are strong and determined and present in your moment, some day however they may need an Angel, too.

What this means....from me to you

So what gives me the right to make such claims and assertions about Angelic beings?

I have not special training, am just an ordinary human making my trek on this planet, sharing my beliefs and experiences.

It just occurred to me that I almost always sign off my comments by saying "Angels are on the way." I wondered what others who received that message may think that I mean by saying that, hence the reason for this article.

What it means is this: that my wish for you is that all who cross your path will enlarge your life somehow, in some way, particularly when you need it most. And if you are at all like me every day is a good day to be the recipient of positive energy and thoughts.

I could not have made it this far had there not been angels along the way.

— Della Reese

How will I know

You will recognize them when they come. They will ask nothing of you.

Think of that.

They will ask nothing of you.

When you need it....They will

  • comfort you
  • clothe you
  • feed you
  • provide shelter for you
  • love you
  • listen to you
  • calm you

And what will they want in return?? Absolutely nothing except the assurance that your life is now on the upswing. That's all. And when they have lifted you up, many of them will remain in your life. You may not know they are there, but these Angels will be surrounding you with the love and support that is without condition, no strings attached, just the purest manifestation of love that knows no bounds.

There is no doubt in my mind that Della Reese got it right....I know, KNOW, that if it had not been for Angels I would not have made it this far.

Does he see Angels that are watching over him?


Your crisis may end but the connection will remain

After whatever crisis is that came to you, threatening to totally devastate you and your family, you will remain connected to those who reached out to you.

At least that has been what has happened in my life. When I have needed to be uplifted, Angels have found me. They have lifted me up and carried me over the seemingly insurmountable situation that I found myself in at the time.

Not waiting to ask what I needed, my Angels, our Angels because they were the Angels of my daughter and grandsons and remain so today, they found many ways to divide up our burden and make it their own. That's what they did. They made it their own.

So this seemingly insurmountable weight that was upon us was no longer ours alone. It was shared and goodness came to us from all corners.

It was an emotional time, an humbling time, and a time to be willing to accept the kindness of others. That was very difficult for me, an admission I freely make. It has never been easy for me to accept kindness from others. I always felt I needed to be the giver.

My sweet nephew is now a celestial Angel


How will I know??

You will feel the Angels when they come.

Just in time, just when you need them most, they will show up.

Without asking they will know what you need and will do all that they can to insure that your needs are met, all of them.

And it will not be a 'hit and run' experience either. Once an Angel, always an Angel. They will forever connected to you even when time and space separate you.

It is possible thought that you may not even know an Angel has come. You may just find a lightening of a worrisome situation or some relief that you are unable to explain.

The sticking point

Somehow I do not think that anyone chooses to be an Angel. I just believe that it is part of who they are.

Willingness to reach out to someone else when they obviously need it, comes from within. It is that goodness that resides within each of us that acknowledges someone else's need and responds to it.

Now here will come the sticking point for some.

I do believe that there are spiritual Angels as well that are of God and do not manifest themselves in human form. I believe that those Angels surround anyone at any time whether they are realize it or not and whether there is a particular need.

In other words, I do not believe that Angels are reserved for those who profess a particular religious affiliation or any kind of affiliation for that matter. It is my personal belief that spiritual Angels are always available to lift up anyone, any time.

They belong exclusively to no one----but belong in an unlimited way to each of us.

You may not even know an Angel has come. You may just find a lightening of a worrisome situation or some relief that you are unable to explain.

This Little Angel Seems to Sense the Presence of Angels


"He flew away..."

When my nephew died (shown the photo with the pup), we stayed overnight in the house where he had lived.

My daughter and her husband and two boys slept in my nephew's room.

When they were all settled in to sleep, the little one who at the time was about a week short of three, turned over to his Momma and quietly whispered, '"He flew away, Momma, he flew away."

Another Angel got his wings and a baby could sense that had happened.

Then what???

You will become an Angel. You will pass along the goodness that has been extended to you by assuming the role of Angel for some other who needs you.

Becoming an Angel does not demand much of you

You will find the words, the way to reach out to someone who needs you at that moment. You may not even think of yourself as an Angel. But those who receive your kindness will recognize that is just what you are.

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

After your encounter with Angels, your life will be forever changed. And no one else need know unless you choose to share that you were visited by Angels. It will be something however that you will be unable not to keep to yourself.

Do you believe that Angels earthly and divine surround you?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2013 Patricia Scott


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