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Lighting Decor Ideas to Make Wedding Day Unforgettable

Updated on August 29, 2014

Types of Lighting Chosen For Wedding Reception Decor

For a wedding reception, it involves so much thought, money and effort in making it memorable and interesting for guests, which might choose flowers, centerpieces for setting the mood. Besides these details, the lighting is essential in creating dramatic effect. The right type of lighting in right place will surely improve the visual effect of the whole wedding ceremony. Here are several lighting types that are most frequently used in wedding decor.

Accent Lighting for Wedding Decor

Accent light is such a type of lighting which can enroll the attention of all the guests to a certain object or what is needed to be highlighted. This type of lighting is much about focus, offering a background of color to particular areas in the wedding place of entry way, draperies or flower arrangement. For dramatic flair, we can choose color lights.

Gobo Lighting Popular for Decorating Wedding

Gobo belongs to customized lighting that involves the image of the groom and bride’s name or monogram projected to the dance floor or floating around the room for focal point. It is very popular now and similar to a stencil, it is placed over a beam of light that just projects the custom design cut out onto a surface which the guests will naturally focus.

Spot Lighting for Wedding

Spot lighting is used to attract attention to particle area of the wedding venue and is often used to show the cake, first dance or other happenings that signifies a special moment at the event. The use of spot lighting may finds its origin from DJ or band playing at the event. It is lighting to make the wedding centerpieces stand out and picturesque.

Uplighting for Wedding Decor

The light fixtures placed against the walls of wedding venue is usually about uplighting. It gives out shining beams of light from the floor to the ceiling. Once properly used, this type of lighting can enhance the atmosphere of the venue in a splendid way. For better effect, the lights can choose colors of various types. Uplighting is often much suitable to be used to create backdrop.

Specific Lights Used for Wedding Decor

There are too many lighting decor schemes we can choose for a special wedding. We can choose mini string lights with a bit imagination for a creative and affordable wedding lighting decor. We can also choose elegant drapes or chandeliers for a luxurious wedding light decor. Whatever schemes, the mood and basic lighting function are what count.

Mini Lights For Wedding Decor

Mini lights seem very popular lights in various decoration. They are lights connected with a white cord and look much like Christmas lights. The mini lights are frequently used for one thing, they are not expensive. For another, they are flexible in use and easy to set a gorgeous ambiance. If the wedding is held outdoor in a tent, we can string the mini lights from the peak to the sides of the tent for a sparkling effect. We can also just wrap the mini lights around the center poles for warm illumination.

Lanterns Used to Decorate Wedding

Lanterns come in a variety of colors and sizes. Lanterns are suitable for interior and outdoor wedding. For an outdoor wedding, the lantern is for decoration, giving out beautiful radiance. Thus, they are not used for the purpose of basic lighting. To reduce the budget, we need to place the lanterns on specific areas such as head table or dance area for highlighting and special mood.

String Lights Accent Trees in Wedding Venue

Still for wedding that takes part outside at night, one of the common decoration ways is to embellish the trees or columns with string lights, especially the LED string lights or lights that are most often used for Christmas. The lights can give out inviting radiance to make guests feel cozy.

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