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Little Girls Need Daddy Just Like Boys Do

Updated on June 18, 2017

A Strong Foundation

It is a well known fact that girls need their mothers while growing up but it is almost equally true that they need their fathers also.

Just as mothers have a role to play in the development of little girls so do fathers. A girl's first encounter with a male will be with her father and their relationship or lack thereof will have a lasting effect on her psychological makeup and her view and attitude towards all males.

The importance of the presence of a father in a girl's life cannot be overemphasized. It is a crucial factor in her overall development in life.

Tea Time

Childhood Development

Everyone knows and understands that a boy needs a father in his life to show him how to grow into manhood but what is equally important is that a girl has a father in her life as she grows up as well.

The presence of a father figure in a little girl’s life is immeasurable and cannot be underestimated or denied. A girl needs a father to be her confidence builder from a male perspective. She needs him to be the first one who tells her she is pretty, sweet, lovely and smart from a male viewpoint.

A father is a girl’s first boyfriend in a manner of speaking going on playdates with her and having tea parties. He is the first man who will spend time with her and give her the reassurance that she is special and loved.

A girl’s father is her male role model for the man she hopes to marry. He is the blueprint for the man she will fashion her ideal mate after in her mind. Her first knight in shining armor.

her hero.

There is no substitute for the affection, adoration and unconditional love of a father toward his daughter and without it she can experience serious feelings of doubt, inadequacy, low self esteem and being unloved in her relationships with men specifically and with people in general.

In short, the importance of a father in a girl’s formative years is critical to her social, psychological and emotional development.

With This Ring......

What Every Girl Needs

Studies conducted on boys who grew up without a father present showed a significant increased chance of them developing socially deviant behavior as opposed to boys who had a father in the home. Much the same holds true for girls in fatherless homes. Studies showed an increased probability of developing behaviors that were self-destructive and socially contrary.

It goes without saying that every child who grows up without a father figure does not turn out to be a social misfit but without that stabilizing force that is provided by a father the chances dramatically escalate that some type of socially unacceptable behavior may demonstrate itself.

Having a father in a girl’s life helps to form the foundation that is necessary for her to become a well-balanced individual. His place in her overall maturation is unmistakably important and without it she will have a void in her personal development that can manifest itself in several ways including how she relates to men.

A girl having a healthy relationship with her father is critical in how she formulates relationships with other men. Without that “test subject” and “controlled experimental environment” she will have difficulty navigating relationship channels with other males in her life.

A father’s role in his daughter’s life does not stop with being her provider, protector and other half of her creation, it only just begins.

Father Daughter Wedding Dance

A Father's Importance

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    • shekatie profile image

      shekatie 3 years ago from Somewhere in the East Coast

      Enjoyed your hubs! This one especially! I agree, every little girl's first love is the kind of love she perceive from her father., or father figure.