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Live while your young

Updated on January 2, 2013

Some couples in their 20's can act like they are married. They will sleep in their boyfriends dorm every night. Then by the time they are 25 they are already going on vacation with them. They never go away with the girls anymore.

When your young you should be living life. Yes you are supposed to date and find that special someone. You should still be able to have your freedom also. Go out with the girls or take a trip with them.

It's not healthy to be attached at the hip and especially at a young age. You should be out experimenting life. I'm not saying sleep around but take chances and do what you want to do.

If you want to wake up to the same person every single morning then go get married. Otherwise have that special someone but still make time for your friends. Still do things that make you happy. Don't come across as someone who can't live without their significant other. Yes couples do things together but it is also healthy that the both of them have space. So then they could get excited when they do see each other and have more to talk about. Otherwise it may be exciting now but down the line you might feel as if you moved to fast in the relationship and it might spiral out of control. So get out there and live life while you are young. After all you only life once.

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