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Living Abyss

Updated on July 25, 2016

I feel empty most of the time...

Its the mundane day after day. Can he not feel my

emptiness ? I am a fraud. I hide behind my smile, I hide behind my invisible wall

My soul is dying with so much space and nothing to hold on too

I am missing something... the warmth of a true embrace

the fire of a real kiss

the love of an unmatched adoration.

Its never been there. Oh how I have yearned it, how I have lied to myself

wanting to see what was never there. How I have doubted myself, how I have blamed myself and how I have questioned my self worth, my self beauty,

I have asking myself...does he want me? Am I beautiful enough for him,

The feeling of not being wanted is great, but of not being desired is greater.

I feel like a chair, that stands still and accepts whatever is put on it. I am a living, breathing Abyss waiting to be looked into and discovered.


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