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Living as a Military Wife

Updated on July 14, 2014

Affecting families across america

Point of view

As a military wife I had to deal with not only the lack there of a husband to hold me at night, but dealing with my four year old that inquired as to why daddy works to much. As a young adult I had physical as well as emotional needs in which originally I was hoping my husband at the time could fulfill. I was going to school at the time to become a nurse, and I was also on depression medication. Those that have gone through depression will tell you that it truly does not matter how many people are around you; If you are without your life partner it will have a much greater affect on you than say if you have a family member that moves away, or a parent that passes away.

The term "married but single" is often used for military families due to constant separation of families or spouses. As a married couple you have financial and physical privileges over those who are dating, However as a married military spouse you have the legal paperwork, and financial, but as far as physical is limited.

There are also psychological effects due to the separation. Lack of trust, ability to cheat or be cheated on, and a higher divorce rate than the general population. Non military spouses begin using narcotics, illegal drugs, abuse alcohol etc. Active military can become complacent, detached, seek outside comfort etc.

The military likes to place positive aspects for families such as medical care, programs etc. However, the extended absences seem to do more harm than good far as the help of financial, or medical help.

If you are a single soldier, you are likely to benefit more than a married soldier. The army offers grants, bonuses, promote seemingly quickly, offer educational programs, and gives you the chance to travel the world, there by letting you become very cultured.

If I had no daughter ,or husband at the time I would have gladly signed up myself, however I have a family and value what little time I have with them.

Edit: The year is now 2014. I have divorced and remarried. I now have a little boy and a husband who is not of military status, and I couldn't be happier.


Divorce the military


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    • profile image

      Jenn 7 years ago

      i dunno how u do it, i can't understand why the military is like that to begin with, i think its wrong to have to move around all the time, and my husband has to miss out of our daughter's's not fair and not right, i think the military needs a makeover big time.