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A Sincere Advice For The Lonesome -- Not a Funny Experience

Updated on December 10, 2012

Were We Born to Be Alone?

Some could say, "heck no! I have my friends and my tweeter, and the rest can go to hell." But there are some that never chose to be alone. They were forced or estranged from a relationship that was never right from the beginning.

"I Felt Like Forsaken And Taken For Granted.."

Well, it was not your choice to move on and... leave behind something that was on our way to being successful. We were used to have that someone next to us in our bed... and this new feeling of emptiness brought down our self esteem. What to do when the dog we were feeding, bit our love and care? Unless you are a masochist, you needed to take that feared step. On a relationship level you didn't have to take society's cliche!! If you were not happy, your logical move was to leave that person and do work on your own capabilities



Better alone than sleeping with 'this' enemy. Most stars make it easier: They pay those 4,000 for the Lawyer to fill out the papers of divorce and add that 'irreconcilable difference' at the bottom line of the final clause. You cannot afford that for sure. Not even Patty Inglish.

Movies like Ghost and Soap Operas always show this fictional couple that is there for each other and blah-blah; well listen to this one: A script is there for us, movie goers. We need to see conflicting plots that will have a happy ending. Real life is not staged at all! Either they love you for what you are or is not worth. You can feel more productive being alone and become successful..instead of waiting this Romeo from Shakespeare to open the door for you. This is 2012, not the romance that our parents were used to.


Tips For The Loner

  • Beware of new relationships. If they don't get you in bed in 2 weeks, they will move on... and you too.
  • Think, where were you before getting married and WHY it never lasted a lifetime? Maybe an unfinished career? The one your ex never encourage you to finish?
  • Grab a book on advices for people that feel lonely, or google it.
  • Join a crusade, whatever you think you can excel at. Red Cross, Big Sisters, Big brothers.
  • Check a church that could appeal to your needs...for spirituality
  • Revamp your Face-book account and tweeter. Maybe writing a book about your experiences. You are not the only one on this, so others would love to read your true story.
  • Learn a cute new recipe and feel good about it.
  • Go back to that chatline if you want..!
  • Most of all, do not feel deserted or rejected. Life is taken one day at a time. You didn't need 45 billion to be alive. You have a mission to accomplish and love the person you see on that mirror in front of you.
  • Try another language... do not feel empty or reclusive. Life has so much ahead
  • Lastly, you are a beautiful creation, unique and with feelings! Don't let society put you down by treating you like an outcast.



Loneliness is an unpleasant feeling that was inflicted and intro decoded in our genes to warn us--well this is from the cave times, that it really was not good to be by ourselves at the mercy of the unknown. Even the Bible, from the start, put in our minds that Adam should never have been alone, claiming that, it was not good at all to leave him wandering the whole Paradise non stop. Well Eve? Who told you to drink of that apple juice that Satan offered you for free?

Hopefully this hub has helped you in your journey. Have a great day!


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