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Long Distance Relationships: Extreme Situations Survival Kit

Updated on October 13, 2015

Your Survival Kit

Long distance relationships are not always easy to be in, but when you meet the right person anything is worth staying together. This extreme situations survival kit was not created for those who live in the same state or region or who can see each other once a month. Those of you in close proximity distance relationships may benefit from this list, but it was created for those who are in relationships with people in other countries, continents, and even hemispheres. This is for those who rarely get to see one another or who do not have the funds to visit each other and still want to be together.

Here is your long distance relationships, extreme situations survival kit. Inside you will find what you need to keep your relationship alive and growing until the day comes that you can see each other again.


1. Apps

The first thing you will find when you open up your kit are some essential apps. Distance relationships are basically internet relationships, so it is important to have different platforms that you can use to communicate with one another. The four best apps for long distance lovers are: Skype, Line, Whatsapp, and Couple. It is important to have more than one of them installed (even if they do the same thing) just in case the one you usually depend on goes down for some time. You don’t want to break your communication with your significant other. This can cause worry, stress, and sadness. And please don’t pay for cellular calls!

Skype and Line basically have the same function and purpose. The biggest difference between these two is that Line has a wider variety of emojis. Whatsapp is a text/call app. It does not have a video chat feature, but it is still easy to use and it is reliable. Couple is just a cute communication app for people in relationships. With Couple you can draw, share pictures, call, video chat, and even kiss!

2. Video Chat

As mentioned above, it is important that the two of you video chat on a regular basis. It does not have to be every day, but at least do it every once in a while (maybe once a week). Video chatting will keep you connected because you will get to see each other, and it is the closest you will get to being together in the physical (unless you own a holographic video camera/projector). If you are camera shy, invest in some makeup or clothes that will make you feel good about yourself, because I’m sure you already look good (you just don’t know it!).

3. Entertainment

It is important that you do fun activities together when you are in a long distance relationship. This can include movies, games, videos, music…etc. One of the things that is easy and fun to do is to watch movies together. You can either be on a call while you watch the movie, or you can simply use text chat. All you have to do is play the movie at the same time and it’s like you are in the same room watching it together! (sort of). It’s helpful to invent codes for this type of thing to make pausing and playing easier. For example, 1 = ready, 2 = play, and 3 = pause. It may not be necessary for you, but it does make distance movie watching much easier. You can do the same thing with online videos and you can also share music with one another. If you are gamers, it is easy to find two player games online in any category. No matter what it is, just have fun together.

4. Letters

I know that it is not the 19th century, but letters are still sweet and meaningful, especially for people who do not get to see each other. Sending letters to one another allows you to have something from your significant other which can mean so much in these situations. Letters are also great because you have time to really think about what you want to say rather than just sending an impulse text. If you don’t want to pay for postage, try writing emails to one another. Emails have the same effect, in essence, because you put more time and thought into your words and you can properly express how you feel. Do not underestimate communicating your thoughts and feelings.

5. Social Network Sharing

This is similar to the first item in your kit. It is important to have multiple platforms where you can connect and share thoughts, feelings, and pictures. You may have special Instagram accounts for one another, or you may just follow each other on Twitter. Regardless, stay connected and stay close in as many ways as you can.

6. Goals

Setting goals is so important when you are in a long distance relationship. You cannot leave the next time you will see one another open ended or “up in the air”. No matter how broke you are (trust me, I know) or how many obstacles you may have in your way, set a goal for when you will see each other next. It can be vague such as a certain month or it can be very specific. Understand how much money you will need for travel and collaborate on saving that money together. This will bring you closer and give you something to look forward to.

7. Tissues

Because you will be crying a lot. Just kidding! Not really. It’s so true… :( Try to hang in there and try not to get too sad. Let the other person know when you are feeling down or lonely and talk to them about it. Talk to your friends about it too! It’s not always going to be easy and you will need support. However, if there is real love, it will be worth it!


8. Dinner Dates

This goes back to video chatting, but it is still super cute and fun to do. Simply set up a video chat date and eat dinner together. You can really do almost anything together over video chat, if you know what I mean...

9. Celebrations

Definitely make time to celebrate important dates together such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, Valentine ’s Day…etc. Make time for each other on or around these dates. After all, you want to spend these days with the most important people in your life and you will be showing each other how important you really are to one another when you make the time, even under the circumstances.

10. Apologies

No relationship can escape fighting. Even on distance you will find things to fight about. If you want to stay together, you have to be ready to apologize. Even if you feel like it is not your fault, you have to be ready to say “I’m sorry”. The relationship has to mean more to you than your ego. If you cannot find a way to apologize or set aside your ego, the relationship will fall apart. If you really love someone you will not let them go over a petty fight.

11. Trust and Loyalty

These two things are extremely important in long distance relationships. You have to know that you want to be with this person no matter what and that nobody else can come along and snatch you away. If these are problem areas for you, don’t worry. You can always work on building your trust, but building trust begins with honesty, open communication, and closeness.

Don't Give Up!

If you can remember to incorporate these elements into your long distance relationships, you will be able to overcome any challenges that may come your way. So hang in there until you can finally see each other again. Set a goal, send each other things, video chat, watch movies together, have dinner dates, celebrate together, and stay close!


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