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Solo Love Affair

Updated on November 16, 2012

Self love Romance for one

How to keep the romantic magic inside the heart alive when you find that you are a single drifter in the pool of love. Being single is not the end of the world.

Being single is not the end of the world nor is it the end of romantic candle lit dinners, long steamy bubble baths, and smiling with a dozen long stem roses. When you look up the meaning of the word romance what you come up with is a number of very different answers as to what it means. But the definition of romance that stood out the most to me had to be this definition “to treat with chivalrousness.” Romance over the years had been historically seen as something that has to necessarily be indulged with two people. However, when you look at the logic's of attracting that one special person what you will find is that no one in their right mind usually wants to take the time and effort to attempt to love a bitter person. Though the concept of romance for one seems like another form of vanity it is a survival tool the one in which you use to get by until the one comes along. The trouble with being single that happens more often than not is that when your single the whole world seems to be doing exactly what you are yearning for “falling in love” while it would seem when you are in a relationship your pool of everything else somehow just seems to be getting smaller and smaller.

The world of single-hood and the existence or the non-existence of a relationship can be confusing and challenging. However, despite what the married or the engaged say about finding love and romance if you really think about being single it is the greatest time of self-discovery and self-love that you can find in any one particular memoir. There are multiple ways to look at a life without a permanent love. The first way is to see and wait for the love of your life to walk through the door as you do mainly your day to day activities. The other way to look at being single is as a celebration in which you leave nothing out. When you are dinning for one you aren’t necessarily alone. You are getting a chance to get to know you well enough to figure out your worth before you make those big decisions on sharing yourself with another person. Sometimes being in a relationship means answering to another person .Some people will mistakenly do this before they are ready. Though going out with friends have their benefits it isn’t strange to feel just a little bit lonely when you are surrounded by friends.

Romance for one will not replace the through that you are alone but it will definitely reset your internal mood from feeling like no one loves you to realizing that at the end of the day you love you. Before one can give themselves to another they must realize their self worth. What are you good at? What would make worthy of a fairytale partner? What are you flaws and how do you intent to fix them once you become aware of their existence? Being single is a time to discover your value so that you don’t end up in another pointless relationship with someone who doesn’t fulfill you or understand what you need most out of your partner.

S if you’re going home alone tonight, have no fear because I have a few helpful tips for you to follow. Each week should be completely and totally different in your world but at end of the day the name of the game is self appreciation. Tonight for example open a glass of wine, watch a movie that makes you smile and buy yourself some decent supermarket red roses. You have the power to boost you higher than any man or woman would. Going to diner alone is a bit of a challenge so I usually avoid doing this and do other things instead that boost up the inner me. Take a hot steamy bubble bath in a candle lithe bath tub. Get your nails or hair done. If you have no money at the moment write yourself a love song based off the song you most wish was song to you. Another thing that could help boost your spirit would be if you were to write a love letter to yourself. Shake up your MP3 player by loading up on positive energy. Personalize the beauty you have within. Don’t sweat finding the one it better in the end for true love to come than a true headache that turns into the migraine you wish you could escape.


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