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Love That Lasts a Lifetime

Updated on January 26, 2018
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What you cannot do in real life, you can sometimes simulate in writing. In the age of fake news, many desire to be refreshed with real news


Love from a Lifetime

Once upon a time, we were born and meant to be together. Connected by invisible bonds. We played together as adolescents. We laughed and we chased each other and made faces at each other. As we grew up, we grew so far apart, but then slowly love grew us together again. We both had no control of it. It wasn't about who else was in our world, it was simply about who we were. We were each others and we understood each other. Love deeper than a diver can dive. True love never quits loving. It always finds a way to the surface and to shine upon the one we hold dear. Yes, there is a love that does not have boundaries. It does not have lines, or rules to follow. It simply is. Accept it as it is. Why can't we accept that we are connected no matter what, and regardless of any situation? Our hearts were bound long, long ago, so why not accept it now and own it?

Life has its impact on all of us. It comes to move us this way and that way, but it never can tear out the love for the one that belongs to us. Yes, others can say this or we can think that, but at the end of the day, we still have our own way. You have yours and I have mine, but the choices we make to follow it come every day. You can't avoid it or dismiss it, for its there. I don't think you can make it go away. I don't think it will ever fade. Do you?

Once young and carefree, and stumbling through life. Maturity and age followed those years and settling for what we had, and for what was in front of us, long years of happiness and sometimes years of pain. Did we forget about that one? Did we forget we were made of the same strength and fiber of life and genealogy, yet of different sets of parents, and characteristics? Did we forget we played and made that lifelong connection years long ago? Did we forget it now that we are old? Are you thinking you can forget it and let it sink into a bottomless hole? I ask , will it now again revive and hold us? I ask, if it's that deep within us, then why would you let it go? Why would anyone blame us, or push us away?

Bend the branch, blow life's winds upon its leaves, strike at its roots, and tear at the knots and the grizzled bark, but do not take the heart out of the tree. It will last a generation and maybe more. It will hold the fruit of its bearing. Pleasant fruit and lovely fruit and memories dear. Only when you question, or compare to others, or disqualify us, only then is our connection and happiness broken. Remember that our heart is important, just like our welfare and upkeep is important, just like the heart is the center and the core of a trees life.

Learning to accept what we are and what we have is the whole subject. Be thankful we found out who we are and what we have, not letting it be ruined. Let other relationships be what they are, but let us be who we are. Knowing that because something doesn't fit what others expect doesn't mean its wrong for us. I trust because I know what you are, and who you are. You can only trust for the same reasons. Nothing more or nothing less. Let it be. Speaking words of wisdom, let it be. If you truly believe in it, then it will fulfill more and more. It's been there a lifetime, so why let it cease? You are more of you when you're with me , and I am more of who I am when I am with you.. accept and believe.. let all doubts now leave.

Don't you blame yourself. Don't you be afraid. Let go of your deep fears and let me let go of mine. Lets be together. Let's be of the same mind. Just like walking in the meadow, hand in hand, with a cool soft breeze, guiding our long lost pathway, coming back into who we are and what we're meant to be.. Its what we are made for. Its who we'll always be. Change may be inevitable, but always we last into each others future. Nirvana, and utopia together, endless times.. endless dreams.. endless thoughts. don't let it be taken away..

I believe in you.. I believe in what we have.. I believe in life's ride. I believe we are safe. I believe its meant to be.. I believe, I believe, I believe.

MOJ/ Oscarlites/ 2016


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