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Love & Passion Ultimate Relationship Program Product Review Part 2 Anthony(Tony) Robbins

Updated on February 22, 2012

Product Review Part 2

Three Levels of Mastery

The first Anthony Robbins Love and Passion CD discusses 3 levels of mastery as they apply to relationships.

The first level of mastery is cognitive understanding. This is when you realise what is working in your relationship and what is not and then what you must do to get the results you want in your relationship.

The second level of mastery is emotional mastery.This is when you are commit to putting effort into your relationship. Your are also aware of the consequences if you do not succeed in making important changes in your relationship.

The third level of mastery is physical mastery. This is where you take physical action and demonstrate to others you are committed to making changes to your relationship.

An example of this is when you acknowledge that your habitual actions are causing your relationship to suffer. You must make the decision to change then take action to commit to this new behaviour by constant repetition of this behaviour to make it a habit.

6 Positions of Relationships

You need to figure out where you are at in your relationship so you know what you need to work towards.

Position One. You have the most amazing committed relationship filled with love and passion. Your relationship is fun, spontaneous, exciting and intimate. This is the best relationship ever. This is where you want to get to.

Position Two.You have a deep love for your partner and your friends think you have a good stable relationship, but you don't have an intimate, fun, spontaneous and exciting relationship. You have have the passion in the past and are now just comfortable or you may never have had it (but you can have it!). It is really easy to shift from position two to position one.

Position Three. You and your partner live together and you may be comfortable with each other or their may be friction. There is little or no deep emotional involvement. You get your needs met outside the relationship. You may think your partner is a good person but you aren't passionate about them but the relationship is not bad enough you want to leave. You might as well be flatmates.

Position Four.You are still with your partner but you may be planning to leave or threatening to leave. You are not committed to the relationship. You may have kids or a financial situation that is stopping you leaving. You really need this relationship program to either move your relationship to position one or two or make the decision to leave.

Position Five. You are not in a relationship but want to be in one. You have either never been a committed relationship or you have left a previous relationship. Broken relationships may have caused a lot of pain in the past but you need to let your guards down to be able to find love. You can use this program to decide what kind of a relationship you want and the steps you need to take to get there.

Position Six. You are not in a relationship and don't want to be. This is where you have been hurt badly before and you have withdrawn to protect yourself. You are missing out of one of the greatest emotional experiences of your life by withdrawing. You are reacting out of fear. This program will show you that relationships can be turned around if you have the skills taught in this program.

What I got out of this CD.

My partner and I both are at position two in our relationship, we both love each other but lack the passion to have an amazing relationship. One of the patterns I have noticed that is making our relationship suffer is that I have suffered a lot of physical pain in past and have pushed my partner away when I hurt. Now I have identified that habit I can stop doing that and let him in and he can stop withdrawing from me. The exciting part is that we can create a passionate relationship together.


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    • Donna Steiner profile image

      Donna Steiner 8 years ago from New Zealand

      Hi JD

      Great to hear from you. I haven't managed to finish my commentary yet as I have loaned the program including the action book out to some friends, but I will. I have watched the entire program and think it is fantastic. My partner and I got a lot out of the program and view ours and other relationships differently now. We wish everybody could do this program so they can be really happy too. The program is cheaper from Amazon at about US$100, see above, so I recommend Amazon rather than Tony Robbins website. I have also been to Tonys Unleash the Power Within seminar which I recommend highly.

      Hope this helps.


    • profile image

      JD 8 years ago

      Thanks for doing this. This is the first analysis of the program that I have thus far seen on the internet. I am really interested to see what the different CDs and DVDs teach on the program. Similarly I would like to know what the action book contains. $400 is a lot to spend on a relationship program (especially considering how many books there are on the same topic).

      I look forward to hearing more